WEIRDLAND: August 2010

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Time travel: Inception, Donnie Darko, Source Code, Looper, etc.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur in "Inception" (2010) directed by Christopher Nolan

"Inception" Timeline graphic

"Death is not an event in life: we do not live to experience death. If we take eternity to mean not infinite temporal duration but timelessness, then eternal life belongs to those who live in the present. Our life has no end in the way in which our visual field has no limits." — philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein

"Up to this point in his career, Jake Gyllenhaal can be found, most notably, in an unique and surreal cult film ("Donnie Darko"), in sharply observed American indies ("The Good Girl," "Lovely & Amazing"), tense Middle East conflict dramas ("Jarhead," "Rendition"), a David Fincher-directed serial-killer thriller ("Zodiac"), an English-language remake of a Danish dogma piece ("Brothers"), and an Oscar-winning love story between two men ("Brokeback Mountain," opposite Heath Ledger, of course).
Michelle Monaghan and Jake Gyllenhaal as Christina and Colter filming "Source Code" (2011)

"Source Code", "a science-fiction action thriller" with Vera Farmiga, Michelle Monaghan, and Jeffrey Wright, from Duncan Jones, the director of the eerie art-house android piece "Moon".Sam Rockwell as Sam Bell in "Moon" (2009)

"Love and Other Drugs", a romantic comedy with Gyllenhaal as a pharmaceutical salesman who woos Anne Hathaway. Ed Zwick wrote and directed.
"Annie and I definitely got pretty intimate, because there are a lot of love scenes in the movie, a lot of sexy scenes in that movie. You have to let it all hang out, so to speak." Source:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Bobby in "Uncertainty" (2009)
Bruce Willis in W magazine photoshoot (2009)

"Rian Johnson’s sci-fi thriller Looper, starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is scheduled to begin filming in January 2011, according to Production Weekly.
The script, written by Johnson (Brick, The Brothers Bloom), is set in the near future a few decades before the invention of time travel. An unseen crime syndicate sends its victims back in time where the bodies are shot and disposed of by blunderbuss-wielding killers called “loopers.”
Gordon-Levitt is one of these loopers, carrying out his deadly duty until the arrival of his future, 57-year-old self (played by Willis). Unable to “close his loop” and end his future, Joe and “Old Joe” go on the run from the syndicate. It’s very 12 Monkeys, but the characters, particularly a woman named Sara, are reminiscent of early entries in The Terminator series. A telekinesis mutation only amplifies the action and mind-bending suspense. I checked out one of the early drafts and it is one of the best scripts I have ever read. This is absolutely a project to watch for, sci-fi fans.Johnson’s latest and Duncan Jones’ upcoming film Source Code are two excitingly fresh perspectives on time travel that I can only hope will reinvigorate the genre. While Ridley Scott’s Alien prequel is worrying fans of the classic original(s) and the Star Trek series is gearing up for its twelfth space mission, a new generation of bright filmmakers — those two, plus District 9’s Neill Blomkamp, Tron: Legacy’s Joseph Kosinski, Carl Rinsch and several others — are ensuring science fiction will continue to be a source of creativity, limitless possibilities, and boundary-breaking technology long after Scott, James Cameron, and George Lucas hang it up. Hyperbolic, maybe, but I’m geeking out over what’s to come". Source:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing "La Valse à Mille Temps"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing Jacques Brel's "La Valse à Mille Temps" at's second Summer in the City show.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt with Ellen Page, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cillian Murphy during the promotion of "Inception" (2010)

Rami Malek sings for The Twilight Saga Breaking Down part 2

"Twi-hards have yet another actor to feast upon – “The Pacific” star Rami Malek has signed for the second part of “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn”, Access Hollywood has confirmed.

The 29-year-old actor will play Benjamin, a vampire who is a member of an Egyptian coven. His character has the ability to influence the elements of earth, wind, water and fire.
Ben Stiller and Rami Malek as Larry Daley and Ahkmenrah in “Night at The Museum” (2006)

Rami, who is also know for his roles in both of the “Night at The Museum” movies, will also appear on the big screen with Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts in the upcoming “Larry Crowne.”
Rami Malek with Tom Hanks on the set of "Larry Crowne" in Los Angeles, on 10th June 2010

“Breaking Dawn – Part 1” hits theaters on November 18, 2011, with the second installment coming to the big screen on November 16, 2012". Source:

Anne Hathaway #2 in Forbes Hollywood's Best Profitable Actors

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway as Jack Twist and Lureen Newsome in "Brokeback Mountain "(2005)
Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal as Maggie Murdock and Jamie Randall in "Love and other drugs" (2010)
"Because women typically earn less than men in Hollywood, they make up a full half of our top 10 list. Anne Hathaway is the highest-ranking woman in the No. 2 spot. For every dollar she earns studios earn $64 off of her films
Most of that payback is coming from Alice in Wonderland. The Disney (DIS - news - people) 3-D film was a gigantic hit earning $1 billion at the global box office, and Hathaway earned much less than star Johnny Depp. But she also benefits from 2009's Bride Wars, which was a modest hit earning $115 million at the global box office on a low estimated budget of $30 million.

Jason Bateman and Jennifer Aniston as Wally Mars and Kassie Larson in "The Switch" (2010)
Another woman on our list: Jennifer Aniston.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Jennifer Aniston attending the 9th Annual Hollywood Film Festival Awards Gala on 24th October, 2005

The star makes a surprising appearance in sixth place with a $21 return for every $1 she is paid. (She's tied with Meryl Streep.) Although one of her included movies, Love Happens, was a huge flop, The Bounty Hunter actually did well with $136 million at the global box office on an estimated budget of $40 million". Source:

Monday, August 30, 2010

Lindsay Lohan: Yu Tsai photoshoot

Lindsay Lohan by Norman Jean Roy in Vanity Fair October 2010
Lindsay Lohan, a racy photoshoot by Yu TsaiLindsay Lohan as April in "Machete" (2010)

Movies addictive as dope, drug tests

Jake Gyllenhaal visiting a friend's cabin near Los Angeles on 28th August 2010. Pictures by

Jake Gyllenhaal plays Jamie Randall in "Love and other drugs" (2010)

"A loyal Film Experience reader who wishes to remain anonymous also saw a recent screening of LaOD and sent a few thoughts: The movie is well above average in the world of romantic comedy, and rest assured, that's what it is. As you could clearly note from the trailer, it has all of the usual romcom trappings and succeeds primarily due to the strength of Jake & Anne's chemistry - which is ENORMOUS and immensely satisfying.Anne Hathaway as Kym in "Rachel Getting Married" (2008)

Kym is released from rehab for a few days so she can go home to attend her sister Rachel's wedding. The home environment is always challenging for a recovering addict, no less so when the visit if only for a few days.

"I must admit, and then dodge anything you might throw my way, that I'm not a big fan of Rachel Getting Married, or Anne's performance in it. So, given that, I'd have to say that this is her best performance. It's really a perfect role for her, as it's mostly comedic (which is where she excels) with tinges of drama.Jake pulls off the smarmy-but-charming almost George Clooney-esque character incredibly well, and his character's transformation as he becomes more involved with Anne is not necessarily written as well as it could have been, but he's great. And he ultimately sells one of the rather cliché romcom moments far better than anyone had any right to. It's really all about the two of them, so the supporting cast's screen time is quite limited, although Oliver Platt steals every scene he's in.

P.S. Jake & Anne spend like half the movie completely naked". Source:

"In any other American home, an answering machine would have limited my suffering. Not in the Reidy house. Maintaining their perfect record of ignoring technological advances -we had been the last family on the block to get cable, a VCR, or a video-game system -my parents owned no such newfangled gadgetry. On one of those mornings, my career in pharmaceutical sales got started." -extracted from "Hard sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman" Copyright 2005 © Jamie Reidy

"Movies are as addictive as dope, but they are far less injurious to health and they ought not to be as expensive", "America is more like the movies than you ever dreamed" -quotes by English writer Quentin Crisp

Ben Stiller as Jerry Stahl in "Permanent Midnight" (1998)

"Why shoot heroin?" our Jerry asks. "So I can get up in the morning and shave." Neither the overrated patron saint of junk, William Burroughs, nor the smacked-out Scottish punks of Trainspotting could say it with more magnetic ambiguity. And the character of Jerry Stahl is nothing if not ambiguous. His self-loathing is matched only by his self-aggrandizement, and both are coated in a glaze of black humor. So whenever this cautionary tale threatens to make a stumbling, shameful fool of its principal, the moviemakers quickly turn him into the witty, vaguely self-righteous anti-hero who's got the balls to snort and tell, smoke and tell, shoot and tell.
Ben Stiller as Mel Coplin in "Flirting with Disaster" (1996)

For Stiller, late of Flirting with Disaster and The Zero Effect, Permanent Midnight provides plenty of room to emote. When you're gobbling Percodans by the fistful in one scene, scrubbing your dead mother's blood off the kitchen floor in the next, and recalling the fateful missteps of your life to a pretty stranger (Maria Bello) in a cheap motel room in yet another, you've got latitude. Stiller takes such good advantage of it that we almost come to like his Jerry". Source:

Lindsay Lohan arriving at the Santa Monica courthouse on 30th
August 2010

"Following her 22-day stay at the UCLA Medical Center, TMZ reported that, at a hearing Wednesday morning (August 25), Judge Elden Fox said Lohan must not only continue submitting to random drug and alcohol tests twice a week, but also attend a 12-step program, participate in a minimum of four psychotherapy sessions a week, reside in her current home until November 1 and attend behavior therapy sessions twice a week.
"If Lohan flunks a drug and alcohol test, she will go back to jail for 30 days". Source:

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