WEIRDLAND: October 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Cinematical Preview of "The Prince of Persia"

"According to dialogue and voiceover narration, the film essentially follows the Prince as he discovers and protects a sword that can literally turn back time; after several bullet-time sequences where Gyllenhaal transforms into a golden statue (well, more golden than normal), villain Ben Kingsley confesses that he wants to take control of the weapon in order to destroy the world, or control it, or something.
As a bona fide tentpole movie, Prince of Persia possesses all of the same qualities that made Bruckheimer's previous fantasy franchise, The Pirates of the Caribbean, a success: breathtaking action, international intrigue, a roguish hero, and an attractive heroine. "We took our time developing it", Bruckheimer said casually. "Over a number of years we developed it and worked with it and the writers until we got to a place where we felt we really had a good screenplay. That's the key, telling a good story... I think that's the key to our success. Create interesting characters, create romance, create action, have you care about the characters, and put them in very dramatic situations. That's what we've done, with Jordan's help." Source:

Robert Pattinson doesn't want to live forever

Robert Pattinson in Vanity Fair December 2009 photoshoot.

"Getting back into the swing of life in Los Angeles, Robert Pattinson was spotted dropping by a Rite Aid in Hollywood, California on Friday (October 30).

Surrounded by bodyguards, fans and bystanders, the Edward Cullen hunk picked up a few personal needs before hopping in his car and continuing about with the day".

Leonardo DiCaprio shooting scenes for the film "Inception" in Paris, France, on 20th August 2009, and in Malibu, CA, on 16th October. Past the 163rd day of production on Chris Nolan's new sci-fi movie "Inception" (2010), that also stars Oscar-winner Marion Cotillard and Oscar-nominated Ellen Page.

"He's also bemused by the frequent comparisons made between him, Jude Law and Leonardo DiCaprio - who personally endorsed Pattinson's burgeoning career and teen heartthrob status by declaring; "finally there's someone to take that burden off me"."When I heard Leonardo DiCaprio had said that, I just thought; 'Wow, that's so cool', because that guy's had the best career of any young actor", enthuses Pattinson. "You can virtually guarantee anything he's in will be good. That's the type of career I'd like to have too". "That was a surprise, because the first film was really difficult. I actually found it hard trying to portray the profundity of him finding love and having those kinds of intense feelings, as he goes from feeling absolutely nothing - from being fossilised - to suddenly feeling everything, because he meets this girl, Bella. It was really hard to show that. I was always stressing myself out [about it]"."I think you do that a lot, as a guy, in relationships. It's like you're compelled to mess it up", he suggests, sniggering involuntarily at the premise of Edward literally abandoning Bella to the werewolves when she turns to Taylor Lautner's character, Jacob Black, for solace. But, despite his fondness for the Twilight saga and his character, Pattinson insists he'll be happy to finally banish them both to the grave, after the concluding episode. Likewise, he's less than enamoured with the idea of acquiring any vampire traits himself"."When you think about it, being a vampire means you have to kill people and feed on their blood, but all you get in return is you can run really fast, or throw things around. That's kind of a lame trade-off", he surmises."It's the same with living forever. I wouldn't want to, under any circumstance. I don't think anyone would want to, would they?" Source:

Friday, October 30, 2009

D├ęsamour and new coupling

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal shopping in Paris, France, on 14th March 2009.

"Reese Witherspoon opens up a bit about her current boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal, telling In Style magazine that the actor is actually good at cooking. He is "a great cook - he does a lot. We spend the weekends outside L.A, in Ojai, where I have a farmhouse. We have chickens and we grow cucumbers and tomatoes. I love it. It reminds me of where I grew up in Tennessee", she gushes". Source:

"Friends claim the pressures of the couple's successful movie careers put strain on their relationship.

One told Britain's The Sun newspaper: "Kirsten and Jake had been spending a lot of time apart because they both had a lot of filming commitments".
The pair starting dating after being introduced by Jake's actress sister, Maggie, who co-starred with Kirsten in 'Mona Lisa Smile'.Jake recently confessed his love for Kirsten, saying: "She's the only girl for me", and even claimed he was desperate to make a movie with her because he thinks she is such a wonderful actress". Source:

"Hollywood actor Emile Hirsch has come to the defence of former girlfriend, 21-year-old rising actress Elissa Sursara after the brunette starlet received a scathing animal rights review.
Sursara was called 'immature, stubborn and selfish' for not attempting to reconcile with former friend Isabel Lucas for the sake of a pending animal rights documentary, Rights Revoked. Despite earlier reports Lucas had pulled out of the film following a spat with Sursara, the new comer was targeted for a 'dismal' attempt at bringing Lucas back on board.Reports last month claimed Lucas had pulled out of the feature following the friendship obstacle and claimed she no longer wanted to be on screen with the blossoming star. Animal rights bloggers have lent their support to Sursara and expressed their disappointment toward Lucas' decision.And Speed Racer star Emile Hirsch agrees. The actor said, "It's extremely unfair to point any fingers at Elissa in this situation because she is the biggest animal lover I've known. She's a beautiful person inside and out. This is, in no way, a poor reflection of her. She is passionate about the fair treatment of animals and would never put anything less than 100% effort toward her cause."Hirsch, who briefly dated Sursara in early 2008, gushed about his former flame that year.

Emile Hirsch with his girlfriend Brianna Domont at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, on 26th April, 2008.

Hirsch and Sursara reportedly parted ways because of continually conflicting schedules, Hirsch saying, "It doesn't matter how in love you might be with a person, if you are yearning for each other’s company but your own life restricts you... it creates an unbelievable sadness."
Emile Hirsch and Elisha Cuthbert in "The Girl next door" (2004).

According to Hirsch, he has stood by his one-time sweetheart during rough times and claims they are 'really great friends'. The actor also claimed he supports Sursara's career, "You'll be seeing a lot of her".

Michael Angarano and Emile Hirsch in "Lords of Dogtown" (2005).
Isabel Lucas with Anton Yelchin and Michael Angarano.

Isabel Lucas with Joseph Gordon-Levitt at Fox Searchlight's "(500) Days Of Summer" premiere, on 24th June 2009.

"Having just arrived back in Tinseltown from Vancouver, Kristen Stewart was spotted out at a local Malibu studio with Taylor Lautner on Friday (October 30).The “Twilight” co-stars are currently gearing up for promotional duties tied to the November 20th release of “New Moon” - as they were at the studio to watch the final cut of the vampire flick".
"Australian actress Isabel Lucas is reportedly ‘heating things up’ with Twighlight hunk Taylor Lautner after canoodling with the heart throb in Hollywood.

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift shopped at Alice & Olivia and had dinner together on 28th October, 2009 in Beverly Hills, CA.

Isabel Lucas an Megan Fox hit the red carpet at “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” LA premiere, on 22nd June 2009.

The 24-year-old TRANSFORMERS starlet made headlines last month when she announced she had pulled out of a pending animal rights documentary because of a co-star rift with former friend an actress Elissa Sursara.
While animal rights blogs sang the praises of Sursara and verbally bashed Lucas, it seems the Aussie import struck a cord with Lautner". Source: