WEIRDLAND: June 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Robert Pattinson thinks he's not that good-looking

Jake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone and Frank the Bunny in "Donnie Darko" (2001).Robert Pattinson in front of a bunny statue in Central Park, N.Y.
"Robert Pattinson films a scene for Remember Me in Central Park on Tuesday morning (June 30) in New York City.
“I never really considered myself attractive”, Robert told the Improper. “I was always kind of gangly in school.”When asked further about his looks, Robert said, “Good-looking? Noooo. Before I go out to face a crowd, I stare and stare at myself in the mirror until I have to tell myself to stop staring, since there’s nothing I can do.” Source:

Robert Pattinson has changed his usual Wayfarer for these Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses. Karl Lagerfeld KL603S-004Kristen Stewart sporting the same brand of sunglasses than Robert Pattinson.and a Lola Large Tote bag:
"Introducing our newest silhouette....Lola! Back from previous seasons this extra large tote is buttery soft and has plenty of room. Lola has never looked so good! You can pack everything into this beautiful bag.

This perfect travel bag was spotted on Megan Fox at Tokyo, Paris & London airports this month! Also spotted on Twilight's Kristen Stewart".

Heath Ledger in "Vanity Fair" photoshoot

"Vanity Fair has a feature on Heath Ledger's last days working on "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus." To read the whole article you'll have to buy the August issue of the magazine, as a short summary is available online.Vanity Fair contributing editor Peter Biskind writes about the remarkable talent and untimely death of actor Heath Ledger, reporting on the actor's final movie role, his ambivalence about Hollywood, his devotion to his young daughter, and what happened at the end of his life as he was battling chronic insomnia, pneumonia, and exhaustion.Terry Gilliam--Ledger's friend and mentor, and the director of Doctor Parnassus--and Pecorini agree that the romance between Ledger and his former partner, actress Michelle Williams, began to unravel during the Oscar campaign for Brokeback Mountain. "The whole machinery started growing up around them," Gilliam says. "That was the moment when it changed, when he realized, Uh-oh. We perceive the world differently. He didn't care about things like those awards."
Although "he would arrive in the morning completely knackered," Gilliam says, "by the end of the day he was beaming, glowing with energy. It was like everything was put into the work, because that was the joy; that's what he loved to do. The words were just pouring out. It was like he was channeling."Alexander tells Biskind that Ledger had a pay-or-play deal on The Dark Knight--meaning he'd get compensated no matter what--so he felt he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted as the Joker. According to Pecorini, Ledger hoped his performance would be so far-out he'd be fired, and thus become the beneficiary of a lengthy, paid vacation."He was ready to bust out of the gate, but he didn't want to step on the gas and become something that he didn't want to become: a matinee idol", says Alexander. "He was a private person, and he didn't want to share his personal history with the press. It just wasn't up for sale. That's part of the reason he initially tore down his career. He wasn't motivated by money or stardom, but by the respect of his peers, and for people to walk out of a movie theater after they'd seen something that he'd worked on and say, 'Wow, he really disappeared into that character.' He was striving to become an 'illusionist,' as he called it, able to create characters that weren't there."The August issue of Vanity Fair hits newsstands in New York and Los Angeles July 1 and nationally July 7". Source:

Looking back to Vanity Fairs's afterparty

Jake Gyllenhaal an Reese Witherspoon at "Vanity Fair" Oscar Party, on 22nd February 2009.

Jessica Biel and her mother Kim Biel.Natalie Portman.Anne Hathaway.Kate Winslet.Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer.Gwen Stefani, Kate Beckinsale and Jennifer Aniston.Mickey Rourke and Sean Penn.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Chlöe Sevigny -Muse Photoshoot-

Jake Gyllenhaal and Chloe Sevigny at "Zodiac" Cannes Film Festival Premiere, May 17, 2007.
Chloe Sevigny attends the Swarovski Crystallized concept store opening, in New York, on 25th June, 2009.
Chlöe Sevigny for "Muse" magazine #18 issue, photoshoot by Tom Allen, Style by Sarah Ellison, June 2009.“It’s really more of a free Beatrice party than a ‘Free the Beatrice Party,’” explained Paul Sevigny, the proprietor of the infamous nightclub. “We wanted to give back to all the people who have been good to us over the last couple of years.” He added, “There’s no point in getting down because we’re closed for a week or so.”That’s how a myriad of regulars, including Sevigny’s sister Chloë, Mary-Kate Olsen, Waris Ahluwalia, Leo Fitzpatrick, Sean Avery, Ashley Javier, Natasha Royt, and Jamie Johnson, found themselves braving the intermittent downpours of the evening to celebrate in the newly opened penthouse of the Cooper Square Hotel, on the Bowery". Source:

Jake and Reese spotted at Rita's Water Ice

"Movie star couple Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal have been seen summer luvin' all over town while Miss Witherspoon shoots the movie, "How Do You Know?" with Owen Wilson.Our sources tell us the couple chilled out by stopping at local sweet spot, Rita's Water Ice on Florida Avenue in Adams Morgan, where they ordered Rita's famous lemonade ice treat and donated $1 each to support Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation for pediatric cancer research.True to her sweet Southern girl image, the "Legally Blonde" star posed for pictures with the staff and asked the store to deliver more ice treats directly to the set of "How Do You Know" around midnight last week for the entire 250-member crew.Fond of letter writing, Miss Witherspoon also asked that a sign be delivered with the frozen fruity favorite that read: Rita's Ice for the crew. … Enjoy! … Love, Reese."