WEIRDLAND: September 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Robert Pattinson in GQ style

Three new posters of "New Moon".Robert Pattinson in GQ style magazine."That’s all Twilight was to Pattinson, at first: an American job. He didn’t know about the cult, about the fans who’d followed Edward and Bella, his perpetually imperiled mortal lady friend, from the first book—which turned author Stephenie Meyer, a Mormon stay-at-home mom from Arizona, into the biggest publishing-industry phenomenon since Potter’s J. K. Rowling—through three increasingly thick-as-a-brick sequels. He didn’t know that as soon as the movie adaptation was announced, those Twilight fans—about 98.999 percent female and 100 percent fervent—started burning up Internet message boards with deeply felt opinions about which actors were right (and wrong, wrong, wr0ng!!!!) for the male lead. All he knew was that he couldn’t remember how to do an American accent. He was freaking out. “It was the first time I’ve ever taken Valium,” he says after a second, perhaps realizing how this sounds. “A quarter. A quarter of a Valium. I tried to do it for another audition, and it just completely backfired—I was passing out.” And he loves Brando, citing a YouTube clip of the actor giving a characteristically performance-arty and uncooperative press conference in the mid-'60s. Brando could do that, of course, because he was Marlon fucking Brando. Brando could show up, burp the alphabet in front of a couple of Associated Press guys, and catch the next plane back to Tahiti. Pattinson understands that this isn’t an option for him.“The only way to establish any kind of mystique”, he says, “is to completely shut up and never talk to anyone. And I’m contractually obligated not to shut up.”

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Claire Danes & Hugh Dancy got married

"Claire Danes and British actor Hugh Dancy got married in a low-key wedding in France, Life & Style can report exclusively.The pair tied the knot earlier this month at a small ceremony attended by family and close friends, an insider tells Life & Style.Claire, 30, and Hugh, 34, met over two years ago on the set of Evening in Newport, R.I. The pair announced their engagement in February.

"He's such a cutie patootie", Claire told BlackBook magazine for its September issue. "While relationships are work, this just didn't feel like it. It's the kind of work that feels energizing rather than enervating. I find it very freeing to know that, okay, it takes constant nurturing and attention, but I can also stop looking for the one."

Claire Danes with Matt Damon in "The Rainmaker".Claire Danes with Joaquin Phoenix and Sean Penn in "U Turn".Claire Danes with Joaquin Phoenix in "It's all about love".Claire Danes with Leonardo DiCaprio in "Romeo and Juliet".Emile Hirsch with Claire Danes.Orlando Bloom with Claire Danes.

Jake Gyllenhaal with Emmy Rossum in "The Day After Tomorrow" (2004) - 2 Kings And A Scribe (Extra Footage).

"Emmy Rossum's husband, music executive Justin Siegel, has filed for divorce after a year-and-a-half marriage.
Rossum recently has been romantically linked with Counting Crows frontman Adam Duritz, 45. Over Labor Day weekend in a New York restaurant, they "were sitting side by side, kissing throughout dinner", a source told PEOPLE". Source:

Reese denies engagement to Jake

"Reese Witherspoon has shot down reports that she has got engaged to actor-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal.The `Legally Blonde` star, who was previously married to actor Ryan Phillippe, has been dating Gyllenhaal since 2007 after meeting him on the set of `Rendition`, reported.

A leading British magazine had claimed that the couple is planning to exchange vows after Witherspoon was spotted wearing a ring on her wedding finger.
Witherspoon`s representative has denied the claims, telling, "No, no and no". Source:

Leo DiCaprio & Emile Hirsch video

A musical video featuring some images and stills from films starred by Leonardo DiCaprio (Romeo and Juliet, Catch me if you can, Blood Diamond, The Departed, Revolutionary Road, Shutter Island, Inception etc.) and Emile Hirsch (The girl next door, Alpha dog, Speed racer, Into the wild, etc.).

Song "Foggy notion" by The Velvet Underground.

Robert Pattinson - AnOther Man

Robert Pattinson wearing a Schott NYC Perfecto Classic 618 Leather Biker Jacket.* The Original heritage biker jacket made first in 1928 nearly 40 years before Harley Davidson made their verson.

* Made famous on the screen by cult actor Marlon Brando in "The Wild Ones" which focused on the rebellion rise of Rock and Roll, fast cars and oversized, over-powered motorbikes. Perfecto was the perfect motocycle jacket and the only true original.
Robert Pattinson in AnOther Man mag photoshoot, October 2009.

"Here is an excerpt from the Robert Pattinson feature written by Dave Calhoun.

Was Pattinson aware of the loyalty of fans of the Twilight books? It looks like the sort of obsessive fandom that can turn into anger and even hatred when an adaptation isn’t to their liking. Did he know what he was letting himself in for? “It’s strange because even though the figures show that the books were successful and sold millions of copies, you couldn’t even buy them in London. I tried a couple of bookshops and they weren’t available. Hardly anyone I knew had read them apart from one girl, a friend of my sister. I had no idea at all. I’d seen Kristen Stewart in Into the Wild and some of the director Catherine Hardwicke’s other films, and that’s all I thought it was, something really small.”

His manner is very laid back. He doesn’t sound thrusting or ambitious, more like he’s just going with the flow and enjoying things. Is he going to harness his newfound fame and box-office appeal to approach the kind of filmmakers he wants to work with in the future? He’s not so sure. “Annoyingly, there are so few parts I feel I can add anything to, or that I want to do.” But he knows what he doesn’t need. “I don’t want to be an actor for the sake of it. I don’t find any particular pleasure in being an attention-seeker.”

Monday, September 28, 2009

Jake, spotted in the 'Burgh

Jake Gyllenhaal on The Set of 'Love and Other Drugs' in Pennsylvania on 24th September, courtesy of Talia.

Mr. Gyllenhaal, whose accomplishments range from earning an Academy Award nomination for "Brokeback Mountain" as a lovelorn cowhand to singing a wicked parody of a "Dreamgirls" showstopper while hosting "Saturday Night Live," is in town to film the drama "Love and Other Drugs".From a Peruvian restaurant in Shadyside to a Downtown bar, with Whole Foods in between, Mr. Gyllenhaal isn't shy about sampling life in the 'Burgh. Filming continues in the coming weeks, with one of Mr. Gyllenhaal's "Brokeback" co-stars, Anne Hathaway, due to arrive early next month.

After Miss Hilko and her friend, Rachel Moynihan, finished their late breakfast, she couldn't resist asking the hunky actor to pose for a photo: "I grabbed his arm but not like a stalker ... he was, like, 'Sure'.

Which is how the photo of a smiling Miss Hilko, a smiling Mr. Gyllenhaal and a smiling Josh Gad -- another actor in the film -- ended up as the photo of the day on Chatham University's intranet Web site.

A bunch of ladies at the Jewish Community Center in Squirrel Hill had been talking about recent "Jake Gyllenhaal sightings" around the East End, so Amy Siebert wasn't surprised when she realized the actor walked into her Point Breeze coffee shop".

Alison Lohman video

Jake Gyllenhaal with Alison Lohman in "Teen Vogue".

A musical video featuring some images and scenes starred by the beautiful and talented actress Alison Lohman in "White Oleander", "Big Fish", "Where the Truth Lies", "Flicka", "Matchstick Men", "Things we lost in fire", "Delirious", "Drag me to Hell", etc.

Songs "Allison" by The Pixies and "Darlin' Allison" by Gordon Gano & They might be giants.

Eye-shadow and other make-up

Nikki Reed and Amanda Seyfried at Kari Feinstein Style Lounge Benefiting Project Angel Food, 2005.Amanda Seyfried in GQ magazine, October 2009.Amanda Seyfried – InStyle Magazine acans(September 2009). Source:

Blue or grey metallic eye-shadows work charms on Kirsten Dunst, Megan Fox, Diane Kruger, Amy Adams and Diablo Cody (see below):
Kirsten Dunst.Megan Fox.Diane Kruger.Amy Adams.Diablo Cody.Dita Von Teese in her dress & make-up room.Megan Fox - Nylon magazine photoshoot, October 2009.Scarlett Johansson in a make-up session with Dolce & Gabbana cosmetics.Elisha Cuthbert applying her lipstick.Olivia Wilde.
Reese Witherspoon.