WEIRDLAND: July 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

Jessica Biel in "Powder Blue"

Screencaps of Jessica Biel as Rose Johnny in "Powder Blue" (2009).

"Taking Woodstock" premiere in N.Y.

Ang Lee.Emile Hirsch and his girlfriend Brianna Domont.Demetri Martin.Liev Schreiber.
Claire Danes.

"Taking Woodstock is coming to select cities on August 14th from Focus Features. The film had a New York City premiere on Wednesday, July 29th, 2009 at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema on 143 East Houston Street (between Chrystie and Allen Streets)".


Emile Hirsch Interview Taking Woodstock Premiere

Taking Woodstock is the new film from Academy Award-winning director Ang Lee - and it's a trip!

Based on the memoirs of Elliot Tiber, the comedy stars Demetri Martin as Elliot, who inadvertently played a role in making 1969's Woodstock Music and Arts Festival into the famed happening it was. Taking Woodstock is a joyous voyage to a moment in time when everything seemed possible.

Axe - Any musical instrument
Ball - Sexual intercourse
Bread - Money
Freak - Insider’s term for hippy
Fuzz - Police
Gas - Sublime
Lid - An ounce of marijuana
Ripped - Under the influence
Roach - A joint
"To recreate the summer of love vibe for his film, Lee set up a flower power bootcamp, complete with a hippy handbook detailing common terms such as ‘roach’ (joint) and ‘fuzz’ (police).

But the biggest obstacle was finding convincing extras - actors without over-toned bodies and with pubic hair.
This is nudity, 60s-style.

"That encapsulates the difference of 40 years right there", says writer and producer James Schamus.
But Lee insists that, unlike his award-winning drama Brokeback Mountain, this is not another film about homosexuality.
And just as this is not a ‘gay film’, Lee himself strives to avoid being pigeon-holed".
Directors like Tarantino and Almodovar bring a unique motif to all their work, but Lee displays a chameleon-like ability to dissolve into different genres and cultural settings".

Listen to Danny Elfman's score for "Taking Woodstock"

Prince of Persia game - Funny scene

Here's an awkward, but funny moment with the Prince and Elika. Hey, I can feel you looking at my ass!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Jake and Reese spotted at Philadelphia restaurant

"Canoodle soup’s day job is not as glamorous as keeping up with the lives of celebrity canoodlers so when the soup is right here in town, we can’t help it but to serve up a nice healthy spoonful. Dan Gross of the Philadelphia Daily News, reports that Reese Witherspoon was spotted Monday night with beau Jake Gyllenhaal at Philadelphia hotspot Alma De Cuba where they had a romantic dinner for two. Witherspoon is in the Philadelphia area shooting a movie with Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson, and Jack Nicholson". Source:

More scans from Empire

Bryce Dallas Howard in "Eclipse"

"Bryce Dallas Howard, the actress best-known for playing Gwen Stacy in "Spider-Man 3" and for starring in the worst M. Night Shyamalan films, will join the cast of "Twilight" starting with the third film "Eclipse" (scheduled for release in 2010). She'll take on the role of Victoria, the nomadic vampire who is trying to kill Bella and whose role beefs up significantly in the third film.Howard is something of Hollywood royalty, as her father, Ron Howard, has been in the business for decades. He broke in as a child star on "The Andy Griffith Show", graduated to a role on "Happy Days" and has since become one of the most prolific and varied directors in film, creating modern classics like "Apollo 13", "Willow" and "Cinderella Man". (He is also responsible for "The Da Vinci Code", but it's hard to hold that against him considering he brought "Arrested Development" to television). But though Ron's contribution to American pop culture is great, his best recent work has been in a cameo in the video for Jamie Foxx's "Blame It" where he is seen rolling with Jake Gyllenhaal, Forest Whitaker and Samuel L. Jackson at a club. It's hard to believe that Ron is much of a club guy, but he makes the appearance work if only because his look could easily be described as anti-hip-hop. Still, he looks more at home toasting champagne with those ladies than Gyllenhaal does".


Girls love weirdos and bad boys

"Damnit! Where were all the beautiful girls who liked weird guys in my high school? Next Donnie screws his courage to the sticking place and asks Gretchen to be his girlfriend in a scene of perfect awkward realism, and she accepts".

"New Moon" star Robert Pattinson is claiming that his charming character in Twilight is not what his million of fans have made him out to be.The Vampire stud told British Ok! that he doesn't understand why girls always love the bad guy. He said, "It’s weird, but girls always seem like that. Being a guy, you always just look at girls and think, ‘why are you with that guy?’He added, "With virtually anyone, the nice guys always seem to finish last. You always get weirdos like Edward who seem to attract women for some reason. If Edward wasn't a fictional character and you met him in reality, he is like one of thoseguys who would probably be an axe murderer or something."He also confessed that he doesn't hate being in the spotlight as much as people are putting on. "I had no idea people could get so obsessed. But it’s not scary - it’s amazing", he says".

"Take, for instance, “(500) Days of Summer.” It may be one of the more conventional films he’s taken on — although it’s shrewd of Gordon-Levitt to play a romantic lead as a change-up from his usual character-actor roles — but it’s a bold choice, nonetheless. After all, as the film’s narrator informs us (and as the title implies), this may be a boy-meets-girl story but it’s not a love story. And in the same way that most action stars refuse to die on screen, there’s no doubt any number of rom-com heroes who won’t take a script in which they don’t get the girl at the end". Source:

"When the beautiful and exotic Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert of Fox’s “24”) moves in next door, it becomes readily apparent all of the young man’s questions will be more than answered. Where he’s shy, she’s outgoing; where Mat is insecure, Danielle seams to brim over with confidence. Together, she’ll help him discover there is more to life than can be found in books. Heck, maybe they’ll even find love.His is a performance of real depth, of endearing maturity, and like contemporaries Jake Gyllenhaal (“Donnie Darko”) and Tobey Maguire (“Seabiscuit”, “Spider-Man”), Hirsch is an every-day looking kid with an acting ability beyond his years". Source:

Hollywood Killed the Macho Star
"Americans are falling for a dynamic new class of leading man: The star's insecure hero dueled a fearsome, unknowable nemesis with the help of loyal sidekicks, struggled through the treachery of romantic love and found his way, with all due Hollywood heroism, by the time the credits rolled.They've followed many of their heroes all the way from TV, where even Arrested Development star Michael Cera's brand of youthful, ironic (and admittedly cancelled) cool made the same indelible impression on his cohort as Clint Eastwood's volatile, Cold War-era Rowdy Yates made fifty years ago among Rawhide viewers. Had Emile Hirsch's characters not died at the end of Into the Wild or had a finish-line kiss interrupted by an adolescent brat in Speed Racer -or had either of those not disappointed at the box office, maybe he'd have been the one working his way over Deschanel in "(500) Days". Source: