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Monday, June 30, 2008

New affiliate: Seth Rogen Online

Now Jake Weird has a new affiliate with Seth Rogen Online, devoted to this funny Canadian actor who starred in "Knocked up" as Ben Stone. Watch this video dedicated to Mr. Rogen (with scenes of him in "Knocked up", "The 40 years old virgin" and "Superbad"):

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Moving to London?

"Jake Gyllenhaal has quietly moved into Reese Witherspoon’s $5 million L.A. home, reports Us Weekly.

“Jake keeps his things at Reese’s house and uses it at his home base most of the time,” an insider reveals. “They literally don’t want to spend any time away from each other.”

But with Reese’s daughter Ava, 8, and son Deacon, 3, the couple has to be careful.

“Reese is very content with where things are right now,” a Witherspoon pal says. “She has her career, her kids and a fantastic relationship. [And] she has been careful to work in Jake into her childrens’ lives slowly. She knows her kids already have a daddy.”

Indie is falling

"Unfortunately, most of the folks trying to make indie movies these days, as was revealed at my film financing panel Saturday (including producer Cathy Schulman, ICM's Hal Sadoff and New Bridge Capital's Danny Mandel), seem to be trying to make genre thrillers with someone on the list of not-too-costly actors between the age of 20 and 30 who foreign sales agents want to sell in territories around the world (where interest in American product seems to be drying up). Quality dramas are a no-go, said Schulman, although that's what she's trying to make at Mandalay Indie. And the surviving specialty distribs are strictly cherry-picking. You might get your movie made. But it might go straight-to-video. And it wouldn't be worth as much as it might have been a few years ago. [...] I know I don’t have to repeat all the ways that the independent film business is in trouble. But I’m going to do it anyway—because the accumulation of bad news is kind of awe-inspiring:

1: Picturehouse and Warner Independent have been shut down.

2: New Line’s staff was cut by 90 percent, and the survivors were sent to hell...I mean...Burbank.

3: Paramount Vantage was folded into the mother ship (this one may not be all bad news, by the way, but it still scares the hell out of independent film people).

4: Sidney Kimmel shrunk his company in half.

5: ThinkFilm is being sued for not paying its advertising bills, even as the unions repeatedly close down their David O. Russell production with the prophetic title “Nailed” for failure to meet weekly payroll.

6: Another five companies are in serious financial peril. And those are only the ones I’m sure of.

7: The $18 billion that Wall Street poured into Hollywood over the past four years has slowed to a trickle, and shows no signs of being replaced at even remotely the same levels from any new source.

8: There’s a glut of films: 5000 movies got made last year. Of those, 603 got released theatrically here. And there’s not room in the market—as there used to be—for even 400 of those.

Maybe there’s room for 300. So everything else just dies. Most of these pictures are pre-ordained flops from independent distributors who forgot that their odds would have been better if they’d converted their money into quarters and taken the all-night party bus to Vegas.

9: Advertising costs have radically outpaced inflation even as media delivery of audiences falls through the floor. So movie companies now enjoy the privilege of paying way more to be far less effective marketers.

10: Movies now routinely fight with really compelling leisure alternatives that nobody in the last great era of cinema—the 1970s—even imagined: from ipods to Xboxes to tivos to you tubes to the radically improved behemoth that is cable television.

11: The international marketplace may be growing dramatically, but all of that growth is eaten up by studio movies, a couple dozen top independent films, and burgeoning local language productions. Everything else we make in this country doesn’t sell for less—as it has for the past 20-plus years. Now, most American independent films don’t sell at all overseas. I’ve never seen more depressed people in my life than I did in Cannes last month. The phrase “worst market ever” could be heard from every corner. A lot of film market veterans were musing about never coming back. It’s that bad out there.

12: One entertainment industry banker I know believes another 10 independent film financiers will exit the business in the next year. I think he’s low.

And finally, just for bad luck:

13: The average cost of an independent film released theatrically in North America shot up dramatically last year (not as much perhaps as the 60% the MPAA reported for its member companies, but a lot nonetheless). And this of course makes it a hell of a lot harder to break even or squeak out a small return and stay in business".

Read the whole article in

Michael Cera (Sweet Darling)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Maggie, Peter and Ramona

Maggie Gyllenhaaal, Peter Sarsgaard and their adorable daughter Ramona enjoyed a sunny afternoon in Venice, California yesterday. Since, The Dark Knight is set to release soon, I imagine we'll be seeing a lot more of Maggie and her family. Have to admit I am EXTREMELY excited about the new Batman movie. Christian Bale owns a little piece of my heart.

Photos by Bauer Griffin

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Emotive stamp

-Joe Nast: I think you have some mail here.
-Bertie: You think?
-I mean that I'm that I'm looking for.
-Any thing special you had in mind?
-Wedding invitations.
-You want'em back?
-I do.
-What did you forget to lick the stamps? All right.
Joe Nast: [voiceover] Dear Bertie, You asked me before where I went. And I want to tell you. I went to a place where nothing's right, where every moment's backwards, every sky's without colour, without hope. I tried to come back, Bertie. But I got lost. And while I was gone, I met you. And I didn't even have the courage to realize I was home. A wise friend of mine told me "we all have our homes", and now I know it's true. I hope you get this letter, Bertie. I figure I got 75 chances. Cause if you do you'll know that in the end, that's where I was. I found home, Bertie. I found you. I hope you can find your's soon. Get there - as fast as you can. And write me when you do. Love, Joe"."This is just Beck, deadpanning, crooning, and growling against stately arrangements and insinuating melodies. The strings are straight out of Madman Across the Water (a nod to Paul Buckmaster, who also put his stamp on The Stones' "Moonlight Mile"), the pedal steel is pre-alt-country country, and the vocals channel John Martyn and Nick Drake". Source:

Heartbreaking endings

"Although rodeos, horses, and cattle percolate through the film, Brokeback does not fit the classic American Western movie storyline. From the films of William S. Hart and Tom Mix down through Gary Cooper in The Virginian and High Noon, John Wayne in Stagecoach, Alan Ladd in Shane, and Clint Eastwood in The Unforgiven, the Western hero wears a cowboy hat, rides a horse, and carries a gun. His ultimate goal is to save the good folks from the bad guys, and he always succeeds. Brokeback, of course, is not like these films at all. Jack Twist and Ennis Del Mar are not engaged in the Westerner’s project of vanquishing evil. In fact, Ang Lee’s film more closely resembles the stories of such star-crossed lovers as Abelard and Heloise, Tristan and Isolde, and Romeo and Juliet. More interestingly, it fits a narrative pattern common in the nineteenth-century operas of Bellini, Donizetti, Verdi, and Wagner.

Ennis learns through a returned postcard that Jack is dead.
Jack’s wife tells him what we’re meant to regard as a false explanation of Jack’s death; for we’re shown a scene lasting only a few seconds of screen time in which a man is brutally attacked by men wielding tire irons. Later Jack’s father denies Ennis’s request to bury Jack’s ashes on Brokeback mountain. All Ennis has left is the jacket and shirt Jack’s mother kindly has given him. And he lives out his live in his small trailer, alone, as if entombed. Thus Brokeback closes, not with a triumphant love duet, but with an enormously sad aloneness. Still, if the film does not end with the standard triumph of love, it ends with love sustained, as Ennis, caressing Jack’s shirt and jacket, tears up and speaks his name aloud: “Jack, I swear …” This is all the Liebestod these star-crossed lovers are allowed".
Source:"The conversations that Seth and Evan have are so genuine and so quirky, you can't help but respond to what their characters are doing. Everyone has a weird friend like McLovin, though probably not the level of weirdness to which the character goes. Everybody has done something stupid to impress a girl. It's what high school is all about, and "Superbad" is about two guys who have spent their entire high school years doing nothing but 'hanging out', who are finally afford the opportunity to do something that might make them popular, even for a couple of hours. There is an underlying sweetness to the film, especially involving Evan's moving to college and leaving Seth behind. You get the feeling that things are probably going to seriously change after the credits roll in this film. It was just so refreshing to see a film that went non-stop for the laughs, but still managed to provide convincing and likable characters in a storyline that had a little touch of sweetness to it. That's what Judd Apatow does so well with his films, and it evidently rubs off on the films he produces too.

The performances here are rock solid. Jonah Hill and Michael Cera are dead-on as Seth and Evan. I was especially impressed with Cera's performance, who has really developed his own quirky acting style that accounts for a large percentage of the laughs in the film". Source:

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kirsten watched by Gawker

"Kirsten Dunst is in town! You can always tell because we get a bamillion Stalker sightings in the span of a day or two. The wispy and apparently extremely recognizable Spider-Man actress has recently been spotted traipsing around downtown a couple of times and at Madison Square Garden for last FGt's Coldplay concert. She's one of the celebrities heavily favored by our Gawker Stalkers, who all seem to lurk downtown, eyes peeled for some Gen Y famous face. (It probably helps that Dunst was in hipster fantasia Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.) The stalker emails run the gamut from criticizing Dunst's "pale and sickly," "child prostitute"-esque appearance to saying that she looked super cute in a little black dress. People comment about her, more than other New York celebrities, almost as if they know her (I'm guilty of the same. Nearly bumped into her twice in two days last year and almost said 'hi' the second time out of habit.) Hopefully we're not bothering you, Kirsten, on your little New York jaunts. We just like to peek, it seems. Read the four latest Dunst sightings after the jump.June 23rd @ Coldplay Concert in MSG Kiki Dunst was sitting a few seats away from me.. hunched between 2 tall guys. Her hair looked nice but she's so thin! David Schwimmer and Joey Slotnik were 2 rows down from me rockin' out with 2 gorgeous girls. Totally normal people, even stayed to see if there was an encore! Kiki left as soon as the lights went down. Whatevs.

Kirsten dunst at the beatrice inn on 8th ave and 12th street at12:45am she was dancing at the dj booth and mingling around the place. looked sooo great in a little black dress! when i left she was still there. I saw Kirsten Dunst at Bacaro on Division St on Saturday night about midnight, presumably before she went to beatrice. Poor posture. Seemed to go in and out, maybe to smoke out on the street, or stand with friends who were doing so".

Michelle Williams in "Elle"

"I’m obsessed with water”, Williams says. “The scene in Brokeback Mountain when I open the door and see Heath and Jake kiss? Everyone was outside and I was in this hallway by myself, and I just kept thinking, I want to be like water. I want to slip through fingers, but hold up a ship.”

An open bag of Veggie Booty sits between the seats. This would belong to Matilda Rose Ledger, age two. She is named after the Roald Dahl children’s classic Matilda—a girl born of beastly parents but blessed with magical powers that make her feel as if she’s “flying past the stars on silver wings.”Dressed in black jeans, a button-down shirt, and an argyle sweater, she is boyishly slight. Her features—lips, cheeks, liquid brown eyes—are full. She has only one dimple, there on her right cheek, but what the other cheek lacks, this dimple makes up in depth. Her blond hair is short, in what she considers an awkward growing-out stage, and full of bobby pins. “Bobby pins are my favorite jewelry,” Williams says. “There's nothing sexier than bobby pins.” She gasps suddenly. “That moment in Lolita, when Humbert Humbert is driving into the cow pasture and fingering the bobby pin? Goose bumps!” Even now. Smiling, she pulls up a sleeve revealing her goose-bumped arm.

Her smiles come easily but are complicated, never carefree. “I'm always aware of the whole,” Williams says. “I have that feeling inside, like when something really tickles or delights me—it's not singular. I recognize all the awful things in the world, and in spite of them, I can still laugh.” This hyperawareness has come at a price. “For so long, I felt like a walking open wound everywhere I went,” she says. “There's this Joan Didion quote about being afflicted from an early age with a presentiment of loss. Did I come into the world like that? Or was I kind of gifted that?”Like extrasensory perception, you either have it or you don't. It's a poignant, painful, and appealing quality that cannot be acted. “Your heart just races to her,” says the director Ang Lee, who cast Williams in her Oscar-nominated role in Brokeback Mountain. “I needed that for the part of the dejected wife—the least interesting, dullest part you can imagine. But Michelle in this role—you want to know what happened in her life, clearly a tragic one. You're never told, but you want to find out.”“It was so heartbreaking to watch that not work out,” says the director Todd Haynes, calling later the same day. The couple took roles in I'm Not There, Haynes' experimental Bob Dylan biopic, with Ledger as one of six Dylan incarnates and Williams as the Edie Sedgwicky socialite Coco Rivington. “You can't fault either of them. Really, two of the most extraordinary people,” Haynes continues. “True artists, naked and stripped-down as they approach their craft. Different people with different temperatures and rhythms, exploring themselves.”

Having fun with her co-stars on the Riviera, Michelle Williams proved life goes on after the death of Heath Ledger.

Promoting her new film "Synecdoche New York", the actress laughed alongside Philip Seymour Hoffman, Catherine Keener and Samantha Morton.

Michael Cera (I can help)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

R.I.P. George Carlin

"Sex without love has its place, and it's pretty cool, but when you have it hand in hand with deep commitment and respect and caring, it's nine thousand times better". -George Carlin.

Party scene

"Dunst, 25, has been known for the past few years as a party girl who loves her wine and likes to have late night parties at her home". Source:

"Unlike the party-hard Ryan, Jake is a private man who shies away from the spectacle of Hollywood. And, like Reese, he loves to spend time at home, walking his dogs and staying in shape. "Jake is everything Ryan isn't — he's grounded, he's a family man, he loathes the party scene and, most important, he's a one-woman guy", says an insider". Source:

"Love Will Tear Us Apart"
Written and Performed by Joy Division (from their hits album Substance) ~ Courtesy of Warner Music U.K. Ltd. "This song can also be heard during Donnie and Elizabeth's party. It's played right after Donnie lets a distraught Gretchen into the house and into his parents' bedroom as Elizabeth looks on". Source:

Hear no evil, speak no evil - and you'll never be invited to a party” -Oscar Wilde quote.

'These Eyes,' by the Guess Who
"This 1969 hit single by Winnipeg's greatest gift to popular music not named Neil Young is what Michael Cera's character Evan was forced to sing at that raucous "older kids' party" in 'Superbad.' His earnest attempt at the classic rock ballad was an awkward and hilarious movie highlight".

In an interview with Movieweb, 'Superbad' director Greg Mottola admitted the 38-year-old song did seem to be a strange choice to include in a picture about and geared to the sensibilities of today's teenagers, but ultimately he went with it because, as he wisely pointed out, "classic rock never goes away." Other possibilities for the scene were filmed, included Cera performing Sisqo's 1999 hit 'The Thong Song' and one where Cera just danced rather than sang. But in the end, by going with 'These Eyes,' Mottola made a successful wager that young teen audiences would relate to the timelessness of the tune".

"In many ways Superbad is our generation’s American Graffiti. Like George Lucas before him, Superbad is Greg Motolla’s sophomore effort, but both films have far more in common than just that. Thematically and structurally Superbad mirrors the classic 1970s picture. Not only does it accomplish this by having audiences follow the principle characters’ non-linear paths over the course of one life changing night, but both films hold true the ideals that will forever dominate the male adolescent mind. These principles, which are quite primal in their nature, are girls, booze and sex. Simply put, these basic themes help make Superbad one of the most accessible films ever made".


Sunday, June 22, 2008

My crushes' crushes

Jake told his sister Maggie during filming "Mona Lisa smile" (2003) he had felt a long time crush with Kirsten Dunst.
Donnie Darko confessed to Dr. Lilian Thurman he had a crush with: Christina Applegate, who played Kelly Bundy in "Married with Children" (1987).Michael Cera's teen crush was:
"Michael's crush growing up was Kelly Kapowski on Saved by the Bell (1989-93), played by Tiffani Thiessen" source: Gordon-Levitt's kid crush was:Julia Stiles in "10 Things I Hate About You" (1999) as Kat Stratford.

Prince's picture

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Michael Cera (I can help)

Who's Kirsten dating?

Oh wait, Kirsten Dunst is dating someone named Matt Creed! Phew! I thought she had a relapse and started drinking again!
We spotted Kiki and new boy toy Matt Creed (who is a DJ that probably does not spin faintly Christian crap rock) walking in NYC this afternoon.
Upon googling this young man's name, the first page that came up was "Matt's Creed Page." Hosted by Angelfire, this old chestnut of a website is still some how kicking can even listen to Real Audio files from the Human Clay album! Aww, remember when the internets used to be so simple?

Blondies with sunglasses


A walk around town does not mean anything intimate, but we can't help but wonder if Kirsten Dunst's male friend is the reason for her big smile. She was spotted in NYC yesterday with Matt Creed, a DJ who was once linked to Mary-Kate Olsen. She also apparently stayed close to his side the other night while he was spinning at the Beatrice Inn. She broke away for a little while to dance up a storm but the word is she looked happy and healthy which we can say the same from these photos here".

New encounter

"I just shared a cabin with Jake yesterday on the VS024 from LAX to LHR. He flew Virgin Atlantic Upper Class, as did I. He was in row 4, but I was in row 17 - the last in the cabin. It was an A340-600 aircraft.

Regrettably, I didn't get to speak to him. I wanted to respect his privacy and wasn't sure how he would react to a fan approaching him during his stay in the Air New Zealand airline lounge or onboard the flight. Do you think I should have? Have I just missed an opportunity of a lifetime or did I do the right thing?

Virgin uses the ANZ lounge at LAX. I was sitting in view of the entrance when he arrived with two companions. One was a butch-looking security type and the other was a blonde female assistant-looking type. He was wearing a grey hoodie, perhaps to reduce recognisability and also seemingly to hide long hair - perhaps grown for a role - I need to look into that. He walked in and we made that kind of brief eye contact. I held his stare but forced myself to remain unreactive on the outside. God I wish I'd just let out a big smile and waved, but then I feared that may have been cheesy. He didn't appear to want to court attention anyway. After arrival in the lounge the three promptly left again to come back about ten minutes later. Perhaps there was something he wanted to buy at the shops. He went all the way to the back of the lounge - where I had been sitting but left because it's kind of boring and I wanted to sit near the TV in the end. While we waited for the boarding call I popped up to the back a couple of times to look down at the gate. I walked right behind him and I could have patted him on the head. Each time Jake was sitting on his own on his mobile to someone. Reece maybe? He must have stayed on that mobile for the entire time of his stay in the lounge. His minders did not sit with him. They hung around outside of the lounge mostly.

When boarding time came, I thought this was going to be interesting... how would they get him onto the plane... would he wait in an airbridge queue Turned out they timed it so that most of the plane was boarded before he came on. He came on without the minders. He seemed a little sad actually. Lonely perhaps? I leaned forward as he walked past me and tried to see if I could smell his cologne. I couldn't smell anything. He was mere millimetres away from me. He had a backpack and a smaller bag which scraped along the back of the seats to the starboard side of the cabin. He found his seat, which seemed miles away from where I was. As he sat down he looked back and again we appeared to make eye contact. Again I held any reaction.

So this was a 'sleeper' flight. Upper Class passengers are offered a set of PJs to wear. Jake didn't accept them and stayed in his clothes. I changed however. It helps you feel a little more fresher when you arrive.

I wondered if Jake was a seasoned Virgin flyer like myself or if this was his first time. I've had a few celebrity encounters on Virgin Atlantic recently. Madonna flies Virgin Atlantic, probably as part of her trying-to-be-green initiative and giving the private jet a rest. Madonna had an area of the Heathrow lounge sectioned off for Lola and her. So Virgin Atlantic seems to be the hot airline for the stars right now.

Jake wasn't using the in-flight entertainment system. He appeared to have his own little DVD player. I believe it is still possible for Upper Class passengers to get these from the crew, but it's still possible it was his own. It's ironic; a year ago the in-flight system had several of his movies. Right now it had none.

Dinner time came and Jake must have requested a special meal as he was served first with something which wasn't on the menu. Perhaps he went low fat? Would he go kosher? It looked like a salad. That was all he ate. I wondered if he had a anti-jetlag plan. They say you shouldn't eat on sleeper flights. Or eat very little.

The next unusual event was when he had half the Upper Class cabin crew searching for something in his seat. I overheard them saying he dropped something and lost it down the seat. The Upper Class suites are terrible for this. Jake spent the next 30 mins bent over looking for this... so was forced to stare at his ass for the duration. Such a hardship. I don't know if they found anything, but it was a serious carry-on. The FSM (Flight Service Manager) and two or three flight attendants were involved in literally dismantling his seat.

The hood never came down the whole flight.

I slept for the next six hours. Was quite shocked I'd achieved that actually. It was breakfast time and Jake appeared only to have OJ, which he never finished - in fact barely touched.

Read the whole story in

Friday, June 20, 2008

Black Gold: The Story of Oil, Giant

"One passage in the book conveys its general approach, as well as that of the film. Swofford relates an incident, also depicted in the film, in which reporters from the New York Times and the Boston Globe interview members of the squad in Kuwait. Prepped in advance by their officers, the soldiers repeat patriotic clich├ęs: “This is about freedom, not about oil. This is about standing up to aggression, like the president says,” and “I think this mission is valid and we have all the right in the world to be here and the president has all the right to deploy us and we are well trained and prepared to fight any menace in the world.” Swofford writes: “He [the reporter] wants to look at the psyche of the frontline infantryman, and I can only offer him processed responses.... I wish to speak to him honestly and say: I am a grunt, dressed up in fancy scout/sniper clothes; I am a grunt with limited vision. I don’t care about a New World Order. I don’t care about human rights violations in Kuwait City. Amnesty International, my ass. Rape them all, kill them all, sell their oil, pillage their gold, sell their children into prostitution. I don’t care about the Flag and God and Country and Corps. I don’t give a fuck about oil and revenue and million barrels per day and US jobs.”Left as is, and that is the book’s (and film’s) modus operandi, this “hard-hitting” talk is simply an apology for ignorance and backwardness. Swofford’s responsibility, and Mendes’s, is to make something of the experience, to bring out its truth, not simply to record its surface or the unthinking impressions of a 20-year-old youth with no conception of the war’s significance. What use is that? source: Black Gold: The Story of Oil Modern America depends on a steady source of petroleum and petroleum by-products to satisfy its ever-increasing and voracious appetite for fuel. Oil, the “black gold” of the ground, is one of America’s most precious and abundant commodities, and yet America still need’s the oil exports of Arab nations to fill its need. Black Gold, The Story of Oil chronicles the birth and rise of the oil industry in the United States, from its fledgling beginnings, through the days of John D. Rockefeller and the robber barons, to the Gulf War and the present. source: "Meriwether Lewis did not have any kind of gold in mind, of course, when he toured the valley of the river he called Maria's, and he certainly could not have imagined that beneath its questionable soil lay vast pools of wealth, a black bonanza--petroleum. The market for petroleum products in America and Europe emerged during the 1850s, when crude oil was first distilled into kerosene to become the favored lamp fuel, replacing sooty animal fats such as whale oil. Natural seeps from oil shale were discovered at several sites in Montana in the 1860s, and an oil boom within the present boundaries of Glacier National Park had a short life between 1890 and 1910. With the advent of the automobile after 1900, the demand for gasoline and lubricating oil expanded proportionately, and so did exploration. In 1910, the Great Northern Railroad began converting some of its coal-burning locomotives to oil, which encouraged further efforts in northern and northwestern Montana". source: "The movie, of course, was George Stevens' oil epic Giant, and the movie people included Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean. Five weeks later, they left Marfa a lonelier place — and the inspiration for Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean — but Reata, ancestral home of the fictitious Benedict clan and the film's central image, remains. After 41 summers — and several hurricanes — its skeleton stands on Evans' 47,000-acre ranch, attracting only the occasional pilgrim or wayward steer. James Dean's last film (he died eight days after wrapping), Giant still generates heat for its survivors. ''We were so silly on location. There was a competition,'' remembers Carroll Baker, who was 24 and played Dean's love interest. ''Jimmy decided he was going to take Liz away from Rock. There was no sex involved; [Dean] was just, like, 'Ha, ha, ha! I may have third billing, but I'll show you who gets the most attention from the leading lady!''' James Dean... behaving like a rebel? Some legends always endure". source: 

Cheeky Reese

Reese Witherspoon puffs up her cheeks as she drinks a gulp of water outside her friend’s house in Brentwood, Calif. on Monday.

A battle of past and future Mrs. Witherspoons will be going down at this year’s Teen Choice Awards. Current squeeze Jake Gyllenhaal and ex-husband Ryan Phillippe will be battling it out for male actor in a drama. Jake starred in Rendition while Ryan was in Stop-Loss.

WHO DO YOU THINK will win the Battle of Witherspoon — Jake or Ryan?
See more pictures of Reese: source:

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New version of Prince of Persia game

"According to GameDaily, Ubisoft is planning to release another Prince of Persia game next year, one that's not the cel-shaded "reboot" that has yet to be officially named. The game that's planning to ship alongside the Mike Newell directed, Jerry Bruckheimer produced film adaptation of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is "essentially" a video game adaptation of the film adaptation of the video game of the same name. Careful, your head may twist clean off if you succumb to the spinning.

It doesn't sound like anything is guaranteed at this point on the game that may feature a polygonal Jake Gyllenhaal and a phoned in voice over performance, but if we know Hollywood and games based on movie licenses, regardless of the source material, I think we're in for a fun ride. Not so much a good video game, but a fun ride".

Triple Play of New Prince Entertainment [GameDaily]

In good company

"Justine (Aniston) is a despondent discount store employee in a tiny Texas town, her segregation and restlessness are overt and her discomfort very evident.

Justine works at the cosmetics counter, where the uniformity of long days under fluorescent lights is broken up only by insubordinate public address announcements from her co-worker, Cheryl (Zooey Deschanel).

Justine’s been married for seven years to the oafish Phil (John C.Reilly), but he doesn’t seem to cherish his time with wife anymore, instead rathering to veg out on the coach all day and smoke weed with pal, Bubba (Tim Blake Nelson).

Enter, Holden (Jake Gyllenhaal). New at the retail store, Justine takes an instant shine to the mysterious youngster and finds herself soon caught up in a swirling". Source:

The Tyranny of the Good Girl, the Good Boy
By Margaret Paul, Ph.D.

"We learned to feel a degree of safety by being a good girl, a good boy.

The problem is that, while we may have had some success with this strategy in our childhood homes, this same strategy is now causing our problems in our relationships at work and at home. When we disconnect from our own feelings, we become invisible to ourselves. Others end up treating us the way we treat ourselves, so we become invisible to others as well. As adults, we end up bringing about the very rejection we are trying to avoid, because we are rejecting ourselves".
"Paul Weitz's serio-comedy wants to have it both ways: a critique of the harsh and ruthless business world, where industrious but old people lose their jobs to young and inexperienced ones, and a heartwarming Capraesque fable about old-time professionals, America's last vestiges of moral characters and keepers of the old American way of doing business.

In Good Company is a movie that begins as a severe treatment of a generational strife, and ends up as a male bonding saga of an old pro (Dennis Quaid), who becomes a father figure and buddy of his young boss (Topher Grace), who happens to be dating his daughter (Scarlett Johansson).

Freudian critics will have a field day with the film, whose first half advocates the killing of the father-patriarch, only to negate it in the second half, and show not only the return and revenge of the father but the reassertion of his modus operandi as a desirable goal. I suspect that if the filmmakers (the Weisz brothers) were to remake The Graduate today, they would have found a way to reconcile between Benjamin (Dustin Hoffman), his parents, and the Robinsons too.

Despite its thematic inconsistencies, In the Company of Men is a generous and enjoyable film that, unlike most Hollywood corporate movies, doesn't neglect the women either.

The amiable film invites the viewers to spend two hours in the good company of vet actor Quaid, emerging star and heartthrob Grace, and the talented Johansson, who's quickly becoming the busiest and most accomplished actress of her generation.

At 51, Dan Foreman (Quaid) is living a good life is good. He's the long-term head of an ads sales at the weekly Sports America, which has just celebrated the magazine's biggest year, thanks in large part to Dan's warm, honest, handshake deal style and the departmental esprit de corps he has fostered.

Carter's zeal to deliver to upper management doesn't win him many fans at Sports America. His bottom-line approach, lacking in the human side, is at odds with the more compassionate Dan and his devotion to his staff.
In Good Company then turns from a corporate picture to a romantic comedy, in which it's only a matter of time before the father finds out and explodes, in public, of course. This is one of the film's interesting points, for the corporate handbook has little to say about sleeping with your employee's collegiate daughter. There's also the danger that if word got out, news of the affair might threaten Carter's detente with Dan, Alex's intimate relationship with her father, and the progress the two salesmen have made at Sports America.

Rushing to resolve all the tensions in a crowd-pleasing manner, the last reel is formulaic, and viewers familiar with the conventions of romantic comedy will be able to guess how the film ends.
"In Good Company" is a nicer, kinder film, one that preaches for reconciliation between fathers and sons, and a business style that merges the good old ways with the not-so-good but necessary new ways of doing business". Source:

"Business is not financial science, it's about trading.. buying and selling. It's about creating a product or service so good that people will pay for it".
-Anita Roddick.

"You have to have your heart in the business and the business in your heart". -Thomas J. Watson

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EBS can help implement the practices necessary to maximize the benefits of our service model, which can help take a growing business to newer levels.
What is Elite Business Solutions service model?
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What is the difference between Elite Business Solutions and a PEO?
A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) provides a standardized human resource management offering to small and medium size businesses through an employment relationship. EBS offers a highly customized human resource management solution for the prudent business owner. EBS takes the one stop-shop approach to the next level by not just working with our clients on the core HR services but on many of the issues businesses face everyday". Source: