WEIRDLAND: Matilda inherits Ledger's estate

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Matilda inherits Ledger's estate

"Late actor Heath Ledger's daughter Matilda Rose will inherit all of her father's estate, Ledger's father told an Australian newspaper.

"There is no claim," the newspaper quoted Kim Ledger as saying in a report published Sunday. "Our family has gifted everything to Matilda."

The actor signed the will on April 12, 2003. It lists assets and cash of just $118,000, but the actor's estate is believed to be worth more than $16.3 million, the newspaper said.

Adelaide accountant Mark Dyson, who is an executor of the estate, said he could not reveal how much Matilda would inherit.

[...] The lawsuit doesn't mention Ledger or his daughter's name. It states that it's on behalf of a man who died of "accidental causes on January 22, 2008." That's the day Ledger was found dead of an apparent accidental prescription drug overdose.

A spokesman for ReliaStar says the insurer has made no decision about whether to pay the claim".

"EVERY penny of Heath Ledger's estimated $20 million will go to his little girl Matilda Rose, Ledger's father says.

In his will, which has been probated behind closed doors at the Supreme Court in Perth, Ledger left everything to his parents and three sisters.

The 28-year-old Ledger doted on Matilda, but was separated from Williams, who joined the Ledger family in Perth for a memorial and wake on Cottesloe Beach in February.

Some estimates have put the value of the Heath Ledger estate at up to $20 million.

But Adelaide accountant Mark Dyson, who is an executor of the estate, said he could not reveal what Matilda would inherit".



Gail said...

Kendra, Is that a current picture of Matilda? Isn't she just a little Princess? Heath would have loved to see her dressed up that way, I am just certain. A precious little girl she is, Thank you so much for the photo.

Kendra said...

Yes, Gail, I think this picture was taken last Sunday, 28th September, during a walk through N.Y.
I think she will be very pretty when she grows up a little, and she resembles Heath so much!