WEIRDLAND: Kristen Stewart talks about "Breaking Dawn" in 3-D, Pattinson talks about director David Slade

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Kristen Stewart talks about "Breaking Dawn" in 3-D, Pattinson talks about director David Slade

Twilight saga "Eclipse" Illustrated book scans featuring Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Ashley Greene, etc.

Will "Breaking Dawn" be in 3-D? That's the question Twilighters have been tossing around, particularly since news broke that the final chapter of the vampire saga would be split into two films.

When MTV News asked Kristen Stewart back in February how she'd feel about seeing, say Bella Swan give birth "Avatar"-style, in 3-D, the star was a bit squeamish. But now, it seems Stewart may be warming up to the idea.

"I'm probably speaking out of line or whatever, but I think it would be awesome," she told MTV News about the prospect of "Breaking Dawn" director Bill Condon going three-dimensional. "Nobody knows what it's like to look through the eyes of a vampire. What if [Bella] opens her eyes to this extraordinary world? It could be cool."
Kristen Stewart outtake from Elle magazine.

"I mean, the baby part, it's easy to joke [about] how weird it would be, but it wouldn't be the whole thing," Stewart speculated of what might make it to film. "It would be parts."For now, those details are still up in the air and the decisions will ultimately rest with Condon and screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg. As for what we do know, Stewart is thrilled that the "Breaking Dawn" story will be told in two parts.
"I'm really excited," Stewart said when we spoke with her as she promoted the June 30 opening of "Eclipse."

"I didn't want to read the script that was just one [movie]. It would have lacked so much because you just couldn't cram the story into one. At least that was my opinion, so I'm really excited."

Moviefone’s Interview with Robert Pattinson.

Robert Pattinson relived what it was like to film a fight scene with a woman (Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays vampire Victoria). “Bryce is the most gentle, kind-hearted person ever. She really wasn’t hitting me very hard at all,” vouched R-Patz. The actor answered more of our readers’ questions about working with director David Slade, Edward’s wide emotional spectrum, and revealed which movie he was obsessed with as a kid.

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