WEIRDLAND: Jake jogging with sleeves

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jake jogging with sleeves

"Why is he jogging with sleeves now? He was just fine, before. Jake Gyllenhaal is totally reading the blogs, and he's shy. Bashful even! Don't be ashamed of your newly discovered arms of death, Jakey G. You put them out there for the world to admire! Did that bag of bones you're jogging with tell you to cover up? He's just pissed because of his anorexia nervosa - yeah, men can get it, too. Socialite Life watches Dr. Phil. Sometimes.

Blame Reese Witherspoon for this. She's so damn grouchy".

Well, I want to be so grouchy as Reese is, if that means dating Jake!


Xenia said...

I wanna be Reese. Period. :)

Why oh why are you hiding your ripped arms from us, Jake?

OT: Concerning one of your posts by sometimes ago, Kendra, wich was about Christ figures in cimena, I had no time to comment then but I found it very interesting, and it echoed my impressions in finding the character of DD for example, or even Batman like a sort of deliverer, a savior, undertaking all evil upon himself.
Again, interesting...:)

Elena W said...

Maybe Jake was wearing a sweater with sleeves because it must be colder running that day.

Xenia: I think there is this theme of redemption through a lot of films, and that is connected very close with a figure we could call a Christian hero (a saviour as Neo in "The Matrix", Tim Robbins as Andy Dufresne in "The Shawshank Redemption", Emile Hirsch in "Into the wild", etc.)

"Donnie Darko" is one of the best examples of these redeemer Christ-figures, maybe the most important in the teenage field.

BirdGirl said...

Boo sleaves! :(

But he still looks fabulous.

Anonymous said...


I know who the two young boys are in the photo you commented on over in I also know who the other people are too.
Hit me up at if you want to know.
They are under pearlgrrl's topic about "Random Myspace Pics".

-- Abbie

Elena W said...

welcome to weirdland, Abbie, thanks, but I'm not specially interested in knowing anonymous people's identity.

and yeah, BirdGirl, sleeves cannot hide Jake's fabulosity!