WEIRDLAND: Jake Gyllenhaal and his foodie scruffy look

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal and his foodie scruffy look

Jake Gyllenhaal at Le Fooding, A Culinary Festival in Queens, NY on 24th September, 2010 (c) EOnline

"Jake Gyllenhaal was in New York over the weekend and took his new scruff out on a date to Le Fooding, a culinary festival in the city.
Jake Gyllenhaal as a scruffy Prince Dastan in "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" (2010)

Despite J.G.'s chin warmer (we like you clean, baby!), we're told Gyllenhaal was hardly hurting for female company as he cruised the festival solo.

"Jake chatted with a group of young women who were all looking enamored with the handsome actor", a witness at Le Fooding tells us. With Gyllenhaal's new movie, Love and Other Drugs (which we hear is pretty fab), we got used to the ladies' man looking all business-man clean, not hipster wannabe.James Franco attending "Howl" New York Screening on 22nd September 2010

I mean, this look is so Jon Hamm meets James Franco meets Brad Pitt meets so three hunks ago". Source:

Another bearded hottie fresh today, Robert Pattinson:
"Robert Pattinson arrived at LAX last night after flying from London with Tom Sturridge. The Twilight star's facial hair has grown since his last appearance a month ago at the Emmys afterparty. Rob's been keeping a low profile back home in England, after his PDA-filled stay in Canada with Kristen Stewart". Source:

"Twilight heartthrob Robert Pattinson: blood-sucking vampire or werewolf?
It appears the once clean-shaven poster child received the wrong memo when he stepped out at the Los Angeles airport on Tuesday.

Channelling his inner Jake Gyllenhaal look, the star has sprouted a full, scruffy beard". Source:


Amatrix said...

I kinda like it... :P
But I love it when he shaves clean again. Same thing with my boyfriend.

Elena W said...

Amatrix, that beard sort of flatters him, Jake has a more bucolic look with it. My husband doesn't like the scruffy look, so it's better for me (he saves me of that pricking feel when I kiss him!)