WEIRDLAND: Jake Gyllenhaal at Los Angeles Lakers game

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal at Los Angeles Lakers game

Jake Gyllenhaal and his friend Chris attending a game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Los Angeles Lakers at Staples Center on 8th February, 2010. Pictures courtesy of

"Jake Gyllenhaal was back at the Staples Center last night for his latest athletic event after taking in a recent Kings hockey game.
He and a friend were in the front row to watch the Lakers take on the Spurs and evidently keep an eye on the team's cheerleaders as well.
Leonardo DiCaprio sitting at Courtside Lakers seats. He was joined in the crowd by a fresh-from-Cabo David Arquette as well as Eva Longoria, who proudly cheered on her husband Tony Parker. Source:


rosadimaggio63 said...

Hi kendra,
come stai ?
I miei mal di testa stanno andando un pò meglio... e la tua allergia ?
Non trovi che jake sia un pò dimagrito ?

Kendra said...

I'm resenting the bad wet weather over here but I'm fine, thanks, Rosa :)

and yes, Jake looks a bit skinny, he needs more of those french fries, lol!

asdf said...

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Mike said...

Leonardo looks like he's enjoying himself.