WEIRDLAND: It smells like The Day After Tomorrow - Emmy Rossum

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It smells like The Day After Tomorrow - Emmy Rossum

"Emmy Rossum has claimed that there is not much nudity in her first ever sex scene.The actress plays a high school student who loses her virginity to the class bad boy in low-budget movie Dare.

Rossum said: "I think the sexuality in this movie is used to show kids discovering themselves. There's no real nudity. It's not like explicitly focusing on boobs and other body parts."It's very awkward. I mean, there are moments of awkward funniness in life and sex when you're young in high school. I could connect with that."

She added: "Doing my first sex scene was definitely awkward, especially with a bunch of crew members watching. But, by the time that we shot those scenes, everyone in the cast had all become really close".

Emmy Rossum 2 MAGAZINE photoshoot - NOVEMBER 2009 Emmy Rossum, ZINK photoshoot - NOVEMBER 2009

Emmy Rossum with Jake Gyllenhaal as Laura Chapman and Sam Hall in "The Day after tomorrow" (2004).

One Twitter Picture of Emmy.

"I have a keen nose for remembering smells. The 6 train @ 96th today smells like the soundstage in Montreal where we shot Day After Tomorrow"
Source: Emmy Rossum Twitter
Emmy Rossum has good a keen sense of smell, tact and taste.

Emile Hirsch at "Speed Racer" world premiere, Nokia Theatre, on 26th April, L.A.
Emmy Rossum wears a Herve LeRoux blue dress at the Speed Racer world premiere at the Nokia Theatre on 26th April L.A.
Emmy Rossum on the PIX Morning Show - Noviembre 04, 2009.

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