WEIRDLAND: GQ Joe, Jake, models

Monday, March 24, 2008

GQ Joe, Jake, models

Jake & supermodel Daria Werbowy, Vogue Magazine, July 2004. Joseph Gordon-Levitt posing with Claudia Schiffer in April's GQ Magazine photoshoot. "I'm just trying to do work which I believe in". Which, by the way, includes this shoot with the perma-hot Claudia Schiffer. "I was joking with a buddy of mine", Gordon-Levitt says. "All my good luck is used up, I better just stay inside for the rest of the year, because I'm gonna get hit by a bus".
-Joe Gordon-Levitt for GQ Magazine, April issue. Now, let's see more photo candy, blonde erotic caliber fueling Joe and Jake's respective photoshoot passions.

Jake Gyllenhaal posing with a blonde model for a photoshoot for Gotham Magazine. The picture with the female's leg/shoe belongs to a photoshoot for Flaunt Magazine.


clairex said...

these photoshoots of Jake are great, you can say joseph is a sex-symbol now.

Elena W said...

Absolutely, clairex, both are sexy symbols, just like me *rolling eyes*