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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fashion avatars and Zoolander

"Actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who appears here in GQ magazine's May issue, wears this 1-inch tie clip from Naperville's The Tie Bar, which mostly sells products on the Web. The Tie Bar created the clip after seeing a trend toward the slim tie.
Jake Gyllenhaal wearing: Cotton-blend suit, $1,885, by Prada. Shirt, $98, by J.Crew. Tie, $85, by DKNY. Tie bar, $15, by The Tie Bar.Jake Gyllenhaal wearing: Jacket by Rag & Bone. T-shirt by A|X Armani Exchange. Pants by Nice Collective. Sneakers by Nike.

The busy actor is shown wearing a one-inch silver tie bar -- designed by online neckwear retailer The Tie Bar -- on the front page and some of the inside images. The series displays the versatile bauble's affinity for suits, faded chambray and leather alike, not to mention its perfect suitability for the hot skinny-tie look".

AVATAR invaded Australia Fashion Week with flamboyant designer Camilla Franks unleashing an extravagantly colourful collection inspired by the 3-D blockbuster film.
Lady Gaga performing in Avatar mode.

Models in blue Na'vi body paint opened Franks' show on day one of the fashion festival in Sydney this afternoon.

Franks' show was sponsored by 20th Century Fox, coinciding with the DVD release of Avatar".

Kristen Stewart's casual fashion style.
Kristen Stewart’s endless love for plaid shirts and jeans might cause some people to criticize her fashion sense — but fashion designers Vera Wang and Derek Lam LOVE it! Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan in Twilight saga "Eclipse" promotional stills.

“She brings an element of sort of rock and hip, but not just because she’s on Twilight,” Vera told EXCLUSIVELY at the DKMS 4th Annual Gala at Cipriani in NYC on Apr. 29. “She brings that aura herself innately.”
“I think a lot of the actors in Hollywood like to down play in the day,” Vera continued. “It’s all about jeans and being groovy and t-shirts. [For Kristen] I think something very goth but kind of cool. She works that so well!” Source:

Vogue Paris, May 2010 special issue.Dita Von Teese in Vogue Nippon (Japan, 2009).
Claire Danes in Venice magazine February 2010.
Evan Rachel Wood's fashion style.
Marion Cotillard - Lady Dior campaignPhotographer Terry Richardson kissing Lindsay Lohan.
Dakota Fanning, Terry Richardson and Kristen Stewart

Ben Stiller emulating Terry Richardson with the lumberjack shirt and hipster glasses, Photoshoot - March 2010

Ben Stiller in Men's Vogue, August 2008

Ben Stiller as dim-witted supermodel Derek Zoolander.

"A few days after Adam McKay revealed on Twitter that plans for Anchorman 2 have been canceled by Paramount, Ben Stiller sent out another Tweet in which he placed Zoolander 2 in the same boat. Here's the exact message: "Ron Burgandy and Derek Zoolander looking to appear in sequels. Both men are destitute, without means or intellect to fund their own comebacks." Zoolander 2 was also being set up at Paramount, so it would appear the studio is either having a hard time justifying the worth of late follow-ups to some of the biggest cult comedies of the last decade or they just wanted to see what happens when two of the biggest egos in film are crushed simultaneously (I mean the characters, of course, not the stars).
Don't start writing your "eugoogoly" for the Zoolander franchise just yet, though. Stiller is admitting to funding problems, but that doesn't mean the thing is completely dead. If Paramount doesn't want it, though, maybe some other studio or production company can come around and see the value in the property"

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