WEIRDLAND: Jake Gyllenhaal competent swordfighting and singing

Monday, April 05, 2010

Jake Gyllenhaal competent swordfighting and singing

Jake Gyllenhaal attening 'Prince of Persia' Press Conference - WonderCon 2010 on 3rd April 2010.

"While promoting Prince of Persia at WonderCon over the weekend, Jake Gyllenhaal mentioned that he is currently filming a science fiction movie called Source Code with Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright and that it is going to “blow our minds.” I don’t know that much else about the film, except that it’s directed by Duncan Jones. But frankly, that’s enough for me.
Duncan Jones with his father Davie Bowie at the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival for the exhibition of Moon. Photo by David Shankbone.

Jones is the son of David Bowie. Far more pertinently, he directed Moon, a Sam Rockwell-starring head trip of a homage to early ’70s sci-fi and, in my opinion, last year’s most tragically underseen movie (you can check out the trailer after the break). The less you know about Moon before you see it, the more fun you’re going to have — suffice to say that Rockwell very much earns his money, and in more ways than one. If Source Code is anywhere near as good then I’ll be a very happy bunny. (And if it’s even as half as good as the Gyllenhaal-starring, giant bunny-featuring head trip Donnie Darko then I’ll be even happier.)

"Not a month ago Graff revealed to MTV News his grand plans for a big-screen remake of the Faustian "Damn Yankees" staring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jim Carrey, including plans to update the central story of a baseball fan who sells his soul to Beelzebub with a new focus on steroids.

"Man, this is–- this has been a conversation I don't know why I keep having," Gyllenhaal told MTV's Larry Carroll when asked about the project this past weekend at WonderCon in San Francisco. "I've definitely been fascinated by that musical for a very long time, but I guess it's still in development. Still being worked out. We'll see."

In the meantime, the former "Brokeback"'d one wishes to assure you that if and when it DOES come time to patrol the ivy covered walls of Wrigley Field (updated from the Washington Senators in Graff's take on the story), the once and future "Prince of Persia" is more than up to the song and dance challenge. Mostly.
Jake Gyllenhaal at MTV TRL UK on 28th May 2004 in London.

"Yeah, I mean look man, I have been singing since I was a little kid. It's something I've done alongside acting–- probably singing longer than I was acting so I am confident in that," Gyllenhaal laughed. "My dancing, not so much. [But then] I never thought I'd swordfight either."

"We'll figure it out if need be."

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