WEIRDLAND: Camera Friendly - Jake Gyllenhaal & co.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Camera Friendly - Jake Gyllenhaal & co.

Jake Gyllenhaal in GQ magazine photoshoot 2010.

These folks wanted to show Jake their gratitude pointing their cameras towards him, and capturing his charming smile in one photo.
Let's see more attractive actors/directors with their cameras:
Kirsten Dunst in "Elizabethtown".Drew Barrymore.
Marilyn Monroe.Kristen Stewart.Amber Heard.Emmy Rossum.Anna Paquin.Michelle Trachtenberg.Aitana Sánchez-GijónAlexa Chung.Ashley Greene.James Franco in "Howl".Edward Norton.James McAvoy.Greg Mottola.


Gail said...

Just beautiful Kendra, Thank You Honey, Lovely pictures.

Kendra said...

my pleasure, Gail! xoxo