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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Jake's Sinbadic adventures

"Jake Gyllenhaal’s name has been bantered around for the role, one of about three dozen superheroes the star has been pencilled into by fans and, probably, producers alike. He certainly has the look, the acting ability, and the age to play a young Billy Batson, but you have to wonder if Gyllenhaal isn’t too big a star to play the part. Also, it would seem more likely producers would want someone who, as far as appearances go, is around the same age as the film’s villain. Gyllenhaal is eight years younger than Dwayne Johnson, but he even looks younger". Source:

"Jerry Bruckheimer unveiled never-before-seen footage from Disney's upcoming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time at the D23 fan expo in Anaheim, Calif., on Friday, and it rocked the house, suggesting that Persia may be the first video-game-based movie to break the mold.
1) Those prince moves were made for movies. The footage opens with a shot of the prince (Gyllenhaal) perched above the city and gave us an idea what it looks like when a real person swings around an ancient city, wall-walks and climbs up a castle grabbing onto arrows embedded into the wall.

There wasn't any footage of the prince jumping over a chasm, grasping a ledge and pulling himself up. Maybe that's the money shot they're saving for the Super Bowl spot.2) The story is epic. Now we don't just mean exotic lands and fantastic realms. Prince of Persia is metaphysically epic as well. "I love the mystical part," Bruckheimer said. "The dagger holds the sands of time." Footage gave us a glimpse of the sands dissolving the prince out of linear time in a golden dust storm.

3) It's got really big action. The prince employs uber-Parkour moves to speed through treacherous environments, slides down a sand hill as a temple collapses over him and squares off with clanking swords and rippling biceps against other Arabian warriors.4) It's lavish. No previous video-game movies so far have really pushed the limits of Hollywood production design, but Prince of Persia is a full-on historical epic. The filmmakers are so proud of the ancient Persian wardrobe that Disney put Gyllenhaal and Arterton's costumes on display in the hall of the Anaheim Convention Center.
5) They invented a new word to describe it. In his opening remarks, Cook referred to Prince of Persia as a "Sinbadic adventure", meant to evoke the fond memories of Ray Harryhausen's classic swashbuckling Sinbad films. If you invoke Harryhausen, you better have the goods".

-You have other films left to be released this year including Brothers with Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire and Natalie Portman. What can you tell us about your involvement in that film?

-Collins Jr: I play Tobey's commanding officer. I send him out on missions, debrief him, etc. Jim Sheridan is an awesome filmmaker, I mean his body of work are all films that I can literally sit down and study/watch over and over. The cast, of course goes without saying; I was in great company!

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