WEIRDLAND: Jake at a tiny restaurant in Pittsburgh

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jake at a tiny restaurant in Pittsburgh

Jake Gyllenhaal at U.S. Open, N.Y., on 14th September, 2009."God, it’s even worse from this angle. Peter Sarsgaard is mortified.

Keep it buttoned, Gyllenhaal. I have a will of steel. You’re just embarrassing yourself with your wanton ploys for my affection".
Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon out For Frozen Yogurt at Twist in LA, on 3rd September 2009.


I will translate your deafening silence as a frantic "yes, please give us some exclusive JG, please, please, please!" [...]

At 7:58 PM CST last Wednesday night, I received the following information from Melissa: "Tara is, even as I type this, eating dinner 6 feet away from Jake Gyllenhaal. I have probably taken you to eat at [some eating-place]; it's the [insert-nationality-here] restaurant right above it, in which I have never stepped foot. I am, of course, in...Florida, because I am a terrible stalker and went off-mission. But rest assured, he is there, consuming ethnic cuisine."
Jake Gyllenhaal filming in Squirrel Hill (Pittsburgh).

The following morning, sometime CST, Tara confirmed: "He was! It's also, like, Pittsburgh's tiniest restaurant. It seats maybe 25 people."

HA HA. Jake. Just thinking about him in a tiny restaurant makes me laugh. For no reason.

He was there with Hank Azaria. Apparently. Tara reported to Melissa that he's "SO HOT."


Tara sees Jake again, on the sidewalk outside of some other restaurant".
Read the whole story/3rd Installation “If This Was Jake Watch…” told by the non-pareil Prophecy Girl.


Anonymous said...

He was at a tiny resturaunt in Shadyside (Pittsburgh) Saturday morning with Reese...and Atticus. They sat in the back, kept to themselves, and tied Atticus up outside while they ate...

Kendra said...

thanks for the information, anonymous, woot woot Atticus is back!!

Pittsburgh Reviews said...

Great article! I wish I could have seen him.

Kendra said...

a good story, isn't it? Jake and Reese in a very low key place. Welcome to Weirdland, Pittsburgh Reviews!