WEIRDLAND: The Girl Next Door encouraged Olivia Wilde to acting

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The Girl Next Door encouraged Olivia Wilde to acting

"After starring in numerous plays at Andover and experiencing her first taste of rejection when she didn't get the lead role in "Romeo and Juliet" her senior year, Olivia Wilde headed to Hollywood to work as an unpaid intern for a casting director. "It was completely unglamorous", she reports. Her boss, Mali Finn, put Wilde in a movie, "The Girl Next Door", so the aspiring actress could see what it was like in front of the camera". Olivia Wilde in the center, in "The Girl Next Door" (2004).

Today it's a double celebration, adding to my record of one million of views of my youtube videos, also it's a honorific day because Luke Greenfield, writer and director of "The Girl next door", recently thanked me for one of my videos dedicated to his film!: "The girl and the boy next door" (see below):
Luke messaged me in Facebook: "Wow! Very cool! Thank you for showing that to me. Brought back a lot of memories! LG".
"Hirsch turned eighteen during the making of the film, allowing for greater leniency during some of the later scenes in the film, but Greenfield stressed that one sequence in particular was not so much about including gratuitous sex as it was demonstrating a true bond between the lead characters. "That ending love scene was really important to us, and actually in my early cut it was a little longer, because that scene visually was all about both of them letting go at the same time. She is making love for the very first time in her life and he is losing his virginity, and I wanted it to be a very intimate scene where it's all about eye contact. Emile and Elisha have very striking eyes and that really had to be used visually. That's what it was all about – these two really opened up each other as much as they could, and we wanted to build a really strong love story between them."
With the film finished and now going through the difficult process of being marketed to an audience larger than horny young males ("I never even really see this as a teen comedy, to be honest with you"), Greenfield feels satisfied that the project turned out as he intended – so much so, in fact, that he seemed to wish that The Girl Next Door were his own real-life teenage travails rather than the fictional account of one young man's maturation towards adulthood".

Elisha Cuthbert and Emile Hirsch are two very reserved, rara avis classy actors, more difficult to contact. But through another superfan of Elisha Cuthbert, I got a hold of contacting with her and I knew of Elisha appreciating my videos and links to posts related to her.One of Emile Hirsch's best friends messaged me:
"I think its cool that you are such a cool fan. nice work being a critic. congrats and i wish you continued success. all the best".


vanessa said...

the limo scene in The next girl door is very sexy!

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sexy yet delicate!

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