WEIRDLAND: White shirts & leather: Pattinson, Gyllenhaal and Hirsch

Saturday, June 27, 2009

White shirts & leather: Pattinson, Gyllenhaal and Hirsch

Twilight Saga Sequel New Moon Interview With Edward Cullen/Robert Pattinson - New Interview.

Scans of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in US Weekly, Source:

Robert Pattinson in "Teen Vogue" - August 2009 issue (with Emma Watson on the cover).
This is as like the Apatow joke of Superbad with Michael Cera and Jonah Hill portraying the least probable "bad-asses" in the sexed-up highschool comedies category.

In order to accomplish an image of bad-ass or troubled heartthrob, it's compulsory the atemporal attrezo of James Dean/Marlon Brando/Paul Newman icons,
revisited by today's young actors as Jake Gyllenhaal, Robert Pattinson or Emile Hirsch with their white shirts, leather jackets and gorgeous semblances:

Jake Gyllenhaal in "Entertainment Weekly" Session #4Jake Gyllenhaal in "New York Times" Magazine Photoshoot.Jake Gyllenhaal in "GQ" Style photoshoot.Jake Gyllenhaal in "Out" magazine Photoshoot.
Robert Pattinson holding a leather jacket in "US Weekly" photoshoot.Robert Pattinson in the Session #4 - Cosmo Girl! Photoshoot - Outtakes, 2008.

Emile Hirsch wearing a grey leather jacket in a photoshoot by Jill Greenberg.
Emile Hirsch in "The Girl next door" (2004).
Emile Hirsch as Tony in "The Air I Breathe" (2007).Emile Hirsch "Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life" Premiere.Emile Hirsch at Pure Nightclub, on 9th January, 2007. Emile Hirsch as Speed in "Speed Racer" (2008).

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