WEIRDLAND: Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed´s new friends

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kristen Stewart and Nikki Reed´s new friends

"Twilight and New Moon fans all wish to know about the relationship between the stars of the movie, Kristen Stewart and Robert reports that Kristen denies that she is dating Robert; she said that she loves him “as a friend”. The rumors that the pair are in a relationship together have been further fueled by the fact that they are consistently spotted out with each other.Kristen Stewart who is dating Michael Angarano has further added, “She loves Robert as a friend, and of course she thinks he’s really hot.” She said that having a great relationship helps with the onscreen chemistry, and makes it that more believable". Source:

"Loving Kristen Stewart's newfound choice of friends. Just slightly different than her previous after-filming patterns of hanging with Michael Angarano or Nikki Reed—also L.A. locals, no?K.Stew and Dakota Fanning hung out after being in the recording studio all day, and we're shocked to see Kris actually smiling.Rob and Kristen have very much stayed "in touch." More to come about that tomorrow.Rob supposed to be celibate or something before Kris ditched the boyf? No friggin' way! Too much Robbie hotness, and our head is bursting! But simmer down, guys, this is a gossip column. And besides, what are we supposed to do here, pretend these hot babes' hormones aren't imploding in overdrive all over the world, literally? Yeah, right."


And if all goes as expected, Reed will have to go through the process of becoming Rosalie a couple more times (if New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn movies are given the go-ahead). Reed's ready to do so, even though it's a rather arduous process.Reed's been acting in films since bursting onto the scene in Thirteen, a powerful coming-of-age story which she not only starred in but also wrote. Well-spoken and passionate about where she wants to go in life, Reed told me in our interview she's working on more writing projects with hopes of eventually taking a seat in the director's chair at some point down the line. But for now, Twilight promotional duties are keeping her busy.You're playing a vampire who's one of the most beautiful women in the world.
Nikki Reed: "No! You know, the only person that makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world… [Jokingly yelling to Kristen Stewart's boyfriend in the next room] Michael Angarano makes me feel like the most beautiful person in the world! But I should really learn - we're in a state right now, you and I - where I still don’t really know how to approach that question. Maybe in like a year down the line I will have like a set answer."

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