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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Alpha Dog and trial article

Chris Marquette as Keith Stratten (aka Graham Pressley) in "Alpha Dog" (2005).

"It’s been Graham Pressley week in the murder trial of Jesse James Hollywood, and it’s not over yet — the witness, who was a minor when he assisted in the killing of 15-year-old Nicholas Markowitz in 2000, and has already served his time, will return to the stand on Monday morning. At the time of the crime, Pressley was a 17-year-old occasional marijuana dealer who partied with Markowitz in the days leading up to his death.
Jesse James Hollywood leaving the courthouse Friday June 5, 2009.

If found guilty, Hollywood faces the death penalty. Pressley is one of many witnesses who may have indirectly taken Hollywood’s orders without even realizing it.
Chris Marquette and Dominique Swain as Keith and Susan in "Alpha Dog".

Pressley said that everything then returned back to normal, and he and a group of friends, which included the victim and Rugge, drank and smoked marijuana at the Lemon Tree hotel in Santa Barbara, with Markowitz getting “pretty intoxicated,” according to Pressley. Natasha Adams, another witness, was concerned for Markowitz’s safety, but Rugge claimed that someone would pick Markowitz up that evening and take him back to his Los Angeles home.
Pressley eventually realized that the hole was for Markowitz. But he didn’t try to warn him. “I was more concerned about myself than anyone else,” Pressley said.Pressley alleged that he then began crying and couldn’t walk any further. But the three others continued walking ahead of him, with Markowitz leading the pack and not talking or protesting. Twenty minutes later, from the bottom of the hill, Pressley heard a “rapid succession of gunshots.”Pressley admitted that, in earlier trials and interrogations, he had not provided entirely accurate information. When confronted on that by Kessel, Pressley said that he could not remember why he had lied. “I’m not sure at this point why I said that,” he responded to one of Kessel’s specific questions".

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