WEIRDLAND: Wired for sadness

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Wired for sadness

"It's the prefrontal cortex that brings those emotions into play and guides us in our behavior. If we didn't have a sense of what would be wonderful or awful in the future, we would behave very haphazardly." -Ned Kalin, director of the University of Wisconsin's Health-Emotions Research Institute in Madison."Emotion is the glue that holds a personality together".


Xenia said...

Emotional understanding was that linked me to Holden in the first place...some sort of sympathy...
And the bond still beautiful troubled soul-mate...*big sigh*...Both still hating the world...:)

Kendra said...

Holden is a darker character, whereas Juno finds some peace in her journey somehow, but I keep my link (and several points in common towards the world) with Holden Worther too ;)