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Friday, March 07, 2008

Playfulness loving scenes

Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway as Jack Twist and Lureen in "Brokeback Mountain" (2005):"If love is a train, I think I'll ride me a slow one. I want to ride right through the night making every stop." -Singer-songwriter Michelle Shocked.

Joseph Gordon Levitt and Nora Zehetner as Brendan and Laura in "Brick" (2005):

"When we start out on the loving and sexual trail, it is so full of emotion that it is almost impossible to contain the feelings of lust, the smile that dances at the corners of the lips, the heart bursting with anticipation every time the phone rings. We ride the waves of ‘being in love’ for all it’s worth. Surfing the white frothy sea of heightened emotions, wiping our salty, sweaty palms, the noise of our pumping heart so loud we are sure everyone can hear it. We know we are alive.

Soaring above day to day challenges flying through minor problems that present themselves, we are totally enveloped in the physical sensation of being in love".

Michael Cera and Martha MacIsaac as Evan and Becca in "Superbad" (2007):
"Moreover, Gergen found that playful aggression was positively associated with alcohol use and going steady in young people.

Baxter (1992) found intimate play in both same-sex and other-sex relations in college students. [...] She also found that playfulness in general positively correlated with relationship closeness". Source:

Joseph Gordon Levitt and Isla Fisher as Chris and Luvlee in "The Lookout" (2007):

"[...] she's a safe cracker
She kissed me first and then broke in

We slip and slide on the stay-together landmine
I make my mind up to never be myself
And every time I make a rhyme
I live my life for someone else

She's in the kitchen with bitter diamond drunks
(She's in the way)
I'm on the sofa (I'm in the way)
Hoping she leaves that punk cause

I'm the boy with the poetry power
I'm the boy, smells like flowers
And every time I make a rhyme
I live my life like I wasn't invited [...]"

Candyfloss ("Summerteeth" -Wilco)


clairex said...

Great post, Kendra!
Is it hot here or is it just me :)

Kendra said...

Thank you, clairex!
I agree, hot as hell!