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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Dedicated to my readers

I know exactly where that cab's headed ...did I mention I would be mysteriously making an appearance in the big apple? I believe in NYLon love baby. -Kokodee

yeah, Maggie and Jake are definitely the most amazing, gorgeous creatures in the world -jacknastygirl

Candy looks like great movie from the stills.
There's chemistry there.-The bearded lady

Heath and Michelle are really sweet! I really like Michelle. -Nothing really matters

Aww, that picture of the two little cats is scrumptious! -anon

It is a mystery, why she never seemed to get any leading parts ala Kirsten or Resse.(remember heather graham?)
Reminds me of a quote from Chloe Sevigny about the long list of blondes in hollywood. -Kokodee

Well lets hope that if the actors fail, the snakes will have brilliant performances! -Tbl

Do you understand Jake yet?
He's a 14 year old and 40 year old combined into one person.
Nothing inbetween it seems. -Tbl

"Peterpanesque" yes that's a good word for it,
What I'm trying to say is ...there seems to be little of a 25yr old and he is either an old soul or a child...
But I don't know him and I base that on interviews more than anything else. -Tbl

Yeah, I totally thought that was naomi at first, lol! -Kokodee

i like the maggie jake similarities. -RC of

oh, i've noticed these similarities myself, i definitly got them confused sometimes in their earlier days. -RC of

what a touching poem, for sure. -RC of

jesus! are we sure that's tobey maguire in the last two shots or lukas haas!
wow! -Arden

I've wrote in the message board that Roconner should compile them all into a book ,their that good!
Yes Bubble Boy hasn't gotten it's due yet...but I think someday it will! :) Simon Agent

jake's quote is cute.
My mind goes abstract when i gaze upon his awesomeness. He's so much hotter than tobey, why do they even get compared, is it because they both dated kirsten? -anon

I think Tobey was the forerunner of the whole disaffected/sensitive youth thing, in films from Ice Storm to his current spider-man. He makes good use of those huge blue eyes just like Jake except that jake imo, brings an edgier twist to his potrayals.
And of course he's better looking, but i'm pretty sure kirsten denied ever going out with Tobey. -Kokodee

Yes betty why did they ever split?
I like these pictures, reminds me of the 'give me a drink' series, because kirsten looks relaxed in both sets. -Kokodee

Love that picture Kendra -- a talking Merc!
And thanks for the song - took me back to my schooldays.
Loving your blog - keep up the good work. -Lovely and amazing

Looking over your blog page and seeing so many photo shoots , poses, etc.
Reminded me of a popular photographer (Philippe Halsman) from the 50's-60's who would ask his subjects to jump in the air,then snap a picture while they were airborne.
He did many of the famous people of the time Monore , Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Duke and Duchess of Windsor and many others... -Simon Agent

I've stopped by before ...but all these photoshoots inspired me to say something!
A fav of mine is a Life magazine cover from the 50's with Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis jumping in the air together it's classic.
I looked in Google image search and found this page:
com/images?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rls=DELA,DELA:2005-52,DELA:en&q=Philippe%20Halsman&sa=N&tab=wi he was into surrealism too, cool guy. :) -Simon Agent

Them some nice boobies but Saarsy yummmmm! -Squallcloud

I kind of miss them too together. Not even too keen on Miss Dunst but they were cute- -Betty

Lol! I get carried away sometimes, my appologies! I do like tobey my favourite tobey film is wonder boys also starring the hilarious Robert Downey jr, who I hear will be hilarious too in the upcoming Zodiac starring the one and only aka the chosen one. My second best Tobey film is Pleasantville; now if only reese and the chosen one will feature together. -Kokodee

I like the one with the shoes!
Jake looks so flirtly and um, Tobey looks bored! -anon

You know Kendra, I remember seeing two pictures of Jake and Reese talking to each other at the - I think - SAG-awards ceremony at the beginning of the year; they were very cute but unfortunately I cannot find them anywhere anymore!
(Love your pics). -Penny Lane

Reese is really cool i love her films. -Nrm

*Drool* Now we are talking!!Btw, i remember a series of pics where jake and the tobester seem like the were shot by the same person, the karate shots, holding an umbrella and lying on grass but tobey had long hair. Must have been when he was filming Ride with the Devil. -Kokodee

that second picture with Jake walking the lion is hysterical, Kendra!! -anon

OMG THAT KITTY IS SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!Heh, I like dogs and cats but I don't have any anymore!:( -Amerika bound

Quote from Maggie in Newsweek magazine of 8/7/06 which has a long article and positive review on the movie:
"A lot of the conversation about 9/11 in the five years since its happened has been motivated by a political agenda. From all sides,as says Maggie Gyllenhaal.What that’s done is make everyone really wary of talking about it and thinking about it. Which is why I think World Trade Center is so special. Somehow, in the midst of all this, Oliver has made a movie that doesn’t seem to have an agenda, either political or personal. It really is about honoring people." I am looking forward to seeing the movie when it comes here in the theater later in the month -Penny Lane

hahaha! I am loving it.
Hey you should totally do one for Jake and Tobey(maguire). They both have photo series with similar poses. -Kokodee

MARK!!!! -Arden

Jake's is larger ahem! *coughs* -kokodee

Holy crap! This is interesting! Jakey was bighting Tobey's style a bit huh? *runs to pimp this blog at the DC like I do with JW* -Squallcloud

Where is Boo?! Should we be worried? But even for a hardened animal person like myself, that kitten is ridiculously cute. :D Excellent pics (as usual) -Prophecy Girl

Hi Kendra! I've been lurking around your page for a while and feel that it's about time I made a comment!
Love the new banner and all your wonderful collections of assembled pictures!
That kitty is cuteness defined, but like many others I also wonder what might have happened to Boo? I mean he can't be that lost, he still posts on MySpace, right? ;)
Keep up your good work! :) -Linna

I had to laugh at the thought that came to mind when I saw these pictures of Natalie..
SNL rap..
Nat is sooooo gangsta!!teehee :P -Amerika Bound.

Kendra! When did you put up that kick-ass banner?! I'm way impressed. :D -Prophecy Girl

bikini or washed-out lingerie?
Damn Kiki, i'm rooting for both of you, but at this rate I may have too switch to the presently blonde natalie -Kokodee Jake truly of the human race? That my dear is the burning question.
Send your answer to me on a postcard, in the meantime let us celebrate the gorgeousness of the one and only. .-Kokodee.

Played by promising young actor Jake Gyllenhaal ("Goodbye Hello," "October Sky"), Donnie is a sharp, perceptive 16-year-old with a penchant for profanity and somnambulant migrations Goodbye hello??? Que ce pas?? -Kokodee

Ah! Jake and French kissing in the same post is more than I can handle!! ;) -Prophecy Girl

^^^ I know! That one cracks me up! :) -Prophecy Girl

Jake in the last pic: "Kendra, (never mind Ennis he ain't here)I think I've drank too much" -Kokodee

is that grandma death's incarnation in the last pic??
I love your blog, there is something very surreal (and addicting) about it. -Kokodee

Never thought I would be jealous of a book..., or a horse for that matter. -Kokodee

Kendra, you're hilarious! ;) -Prophecy Girl

Well, I can't honestly say I'm with either of you (jealousy issues), but I always did like that picture of her hamming it up for the cameras and Jake laughing as he looked on. What can I say? The girl is like-able. :D

Ooh she's gorgeous in that first pic!
But I'm sorry, I'm still (faintly)holding out for him and la Dunst! -Kokodee

THis should be up at JW Back away from my man! -Nothing really matters

I heart Natalie as well, have since The Professional, and think she is glowingly, astonishingly, and preternaturally beautiful, not to mention incredibly intelligent.
That said, I recognize that she IS mortal, and in the first pic from the "taxi" series, I think they look like they are old friends...that got really drunk and fucked the night before, and now are expressing their regret by being pissy with eachother. -anon

Isn't he just!
Yeah that's indeed jenny from the good girl block, and that scene was part of some hilarious bloopers: "somethin' is gonna fall over by the way" says our man in the midst of faking orgasm with the former ms pitt. -Kokodee

Jeez, does he personify "I am in fuckin' heaven" in that last pic, or what? -anon

I love this part:
“I remember holding you, screaming
with good rage in a Sea Ranch night.
Taking you outside under the moon
and the giant pines screaming, screaming.
Holding you. I didn't know what else to do.
Kicking. Screaming with good rage
till you slowly trembled yourself into rest"
Can't wait to get the book in the mail. -Penny Lane

A post on some other, snarkier gossip blog described Jake's demeanor when next to a beautiful woman as, "standing mute, like a frozen fish." (the comment, in context, wasn't snarky at all, however, but sounded rather fond.)
As a girl who is pretty enough, but afraid of boys, I find his awkwardness around pretty girls terribly endearing. -anon

Omigod! There's a hint of maggie in that last photo. I guess is the upturned nose and slightly curled lips -anon

why oh why does he put that gun to his head?!
Don't you ever do that to me again Mr Gyllenhaal! Ya hear me?
Its bad enough that you die in all of my fave films from yourself. But to joke around with a gun 'cause you had to do a scene in the cold pouring rain...that's too much for me.
No accidental discharges from bootcamp homeboy. -Kokodee

Yay! A Peter post! =) Love it. He's amazing! -the sarsgaals

ROTFL -Jack Nastygirl

My take is that they feel that they are both too young to know if they are truly meant for each other. Especially when you're still growing and trying to figure out things for yourself, without the influence of another person -Kokodee

I have ordered it to.Should be here any day.Can hardly wait.Maybe we can come back to this post and swap notes on what we think of the poetry?I'm really looking forward to reading it. -anon

Love the smirk -Prophecy Girl

I was looking through all of your blog posts about Jake and Kirsten and until now really had no opinion of them as a couple. But after reviewing the photos, I'm thinking that Jake was more in love with her than she with him. In almost every picture you see him looking at her, his body language is completely centerd/focused around her. Now her body language is saying something totally different... she likes him alright, but not near the depth that he does for her. Poor Jake, he just wants love! -anon

That's very beautiful.Thanks for sharing -anon

Exquisite pictures .. I'm overwhelmed. -anon

I love this blog! This and Jake Watch. Awesome. Lovin' the pics -rain-drop

This is only a small portion of the comments that were submitted in this blog by readers or viewers (it's supposed to be more a visual blog). Many of them were deleted automatically in my wanadoo e-mail (every week the trash folder eliminates them), but I managed to rescue all these. There were a lot more of the above posters, more of Lovelyandamazing, avoca, countsheep, specialcracker, heddaparsons, Arden, defender of future and another people, and of course from the lovely anons,this entry is dedicated to you.


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You're up and running! Kendra, I knew could pull it together. Don't get discouraged...see? Your readers love you!! :)

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