Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Doubtful Speculations

Doubtful Speculations:

"I sat a long time thinking uncomfortable thoughts.
We are strangely made. We think we are wonderful creatures. Part of the time we think that, at any rate. And during that interval we consider with pride our mental equipment, with its penetration, its power of analysis, its ability to reason out clear conclussions from confused facts, and all the lordly rest of it; and then comes a rational interval and disenchants us. Disenchants us and lays us bare to ourselves, and we see that intellectually we are really no great things; that we seldom really know the thing we think we know; that our best-built certainties are but sand-houses and subject to damage from any wind of doubt that blows.
So a little time before I knew that this voyage was a dream, and nothing more; a wee little puff or two of doubt had blown against that certainty, unhelped by fact or argument, and already it was dissolving away. It seemed an incredible thing, and it hurt my pride of intellect, but it had to be confessed.
[page 284] But it was another failure. It was just a snow-flurry on a warm day: every flake was distinct and perfect, but they melted before you could grab enough to make a ball out of them. So I said- "We will try another way. Sometimes, you know, if you dart a swift glance over a tough foreign sentence you capture the general meaning of it, whereas if you stop to meddle with details you're gone. We'll try that method. Now then -no commas, no dashes, no pauses of any sort: start at the beginning and buzz the whole incantation through just in one solid whiz -swift, you know"
"Tales of wonder" by Mark Twain.
"The Mysterious Stranger" is narrated by August Feldner, a sixteen-year-old printer's apprentice.

"August realizes that he is in love with Marget, the master's niece. He discovers, however, that she is only in love with him in her dreams, when she is sleeping. August is able to make himself invisible and come to Marget in her dreams, during which her Dream-Self believes that her name is Elisabeth von Arnim and his name is Martin von Giesbach. But when she wakes up, she has no memory of this, and simply ignores August. During her waking hours, when she is her Day-Self or Waking-Self, she is in love with August's Duplicate, who calls himself Emil Schwarz".

"Number 44" states that his existence is beyond the bounds of what any human being could conceive of. He explains that "Life itself is only a vision, a dream," and that his existence is "pure Thought", without physical matter. Source:
"You perceive, now, that these things are all impossible except in a dream. You perceive that they are pure and puerile insanities, the silly creations of an imagination that is not conscious of its freaks - in a word, that they are a dream, and you the maker of it. The dream-marks are all present; you should have recognized them earlier.

"It is true, that which I have revealed to you; there is no God, no universe, no human race, no earthly life, no heaven, no hell. It is all a dream - a grotesque and foolish dream. Nothing exists but you. And you are but a thought - a vagrant thought, a useless thought, a homeless thought, wandering forlorn among the empty eternities!"

He vanished, and left me appalled; for I knew, and realized, that all he had said was true".
"The Mysterious Stranger" (1916)

"Questioning the existence of God and Fate, the hypocrisy of Man, the stability of the time-space continuum, and the efficacy of his meds, unlikely hero Donnie comes to believe he can save the planet — or at least his loved ones" Source:

Jake will be Prince of Persia

"Earlier this year, we told you about the folks at Latino Review revealing that an offer was out to Jake Gyllenhaal to star as the titular prince in PRINCE OF PERSIA: THE SANDS OF TIME, the upcoming Mike Newell directed adaptation of the popular action adventure video game franchise of the same name. Today, the "Hollywood Insider" blog is reporting that Jakey G. has officially signed on as the time-controlling monarch. They've also added that current Brit Bond girl Gemma Arterton will be playing Tamina, a princess who helps the prince in his adventures and who presumably gets a little frisky with him, and that production is scheduled to start in July pending what happens with the looming actors' strike.

Extra Tidbit: The latest game in the series, "Prince of Persia: Prodigy", is scheduled for release in fourth quarter of this year on XBox 360, PS3 and Windows".

Charlie Bartlett

"If you're a teen movie buff, you'll notice references — some subtle, some not-so —to Harold and Maude, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Breakfast Club, and Rushmore. What's new about this movie is that it falls somewhere between noir teen flicks like Donnie Darko and more feel-good films like Ferris Bueller. It also feels very genuine, maybe because when I interviewed Kat and Anton (separately), they both mentioned Poll's request for their input for the movie (Anton to his character's backstory, Kat to her character's penchant for rock candy and choice of nail polish)". Source:

-How did you get involved with Charlie Bartlett and what drew you to the project?

-Jon Poll: I read about 100 scripts trying to find something that seemed like it was worth all the work. I was looking for something that had a lot of humor, heart and something on its mind. There aren’t many out there. I found two scripts out there last year that did that: Charlie Bartlett and Juno. Ironically I read another script by Gustin called Youth in Revolt, which hopefully will be made later this year". Source:

"Bringing teenagers and psychiatric drugs together is like opening a lemonade stand in the desert," he declares. Soon, he's the most popular boy in the school and has a new girlfriend (Kat Dennings) who just happens to be the drunken principal's (Robert Downey Jnr) only daughter.

An increasing number of American (and to a lesser extent) British teens are being prescribed drugs for disorders that didn't exist a generation ago and Charlie Bartlett clearly has something to say about the stresses and pressures of modern life.

But, at heart, it's the same old teen story about screwed-up kids who are trying to find a place in the world and need to be accepted for what they are.Downey Jr is a master at injecting an extra edge into the mundane (take a look at Iron Man) but is here underused and rather wasted.

Director Jon Poll's treatment is also oddly straightforward for a story that maybe demanded a Donnie Darko-style oddness to truly lift it". Source:


Monday, May 19, 2008

Kat Dennings (Infinite Norah)

"As you may or may not know, I am about to begin filming something so amazing that my heart is going to explode like eyeballs on the moon: "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist", with the infinite Michael Cera as Nick and some weird girl named Kat Dennings as Norah. It's almost too good to be true, therefore I'm going to shut up about it and talk about some really important issues:

Pumpkin bread tastes like autumn, for serious. What more do I need in life? Pumpkin bread, cold weather, Manga, baby animals, a volcano filled with money, christmas music, and Bill Murray. Whether I have all of these things is irrelevant".
Source:"The girl is dressed in a flannel shirt, and I can’t tell whether that’s because she’s trying to bring back the only fashion style of the past fifty years that hasn’t been brought back or whether it’s because the shirt is as damn comfortable as it looks. She has very pale skin and a haircut that reads private school even though she’s messed it up to try to hide it". Read an excerpt of
"Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist" in



Sunday, May 18, 2008

Riding in Venice

May 16 - Jake & Reese Out & About in Los Angeles.May 17 - Bike Riding With Reese in Venice, CA.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Video

"The film will star Cera as the titular Scott Pilgrim, a recent college grad who meets his dream girl, Ramona Flowers (Winstead). But to win her heart he must battle and defeat her seven evil ex-boyfriends. For me the pairing of Cera and Winstead is fantastic as I've long considered them some of the best of their generation. Add Edgar Wright into the mix and whoababy, we've got ourselves a winner. Winstead has been laying low since LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD but Cera has been quite busy with NICK AND NORAH'S INFINITE PLAYLIST and YEAR ONE with YOUTH IN REVOLT also in development. No word yet on when SCOTT PILGRIM might begin filming but it looks like it could go later this summer".


Friday, May 16, 2008

Best Kiss 2008

Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Shia Labeouf.

Two of the nominees for the MTV Best Kiss 2008 are the kiss between Shia Labeouf and Sarah Roemer in "Disturbia":
"Following scene after scene of teasing sexual tension, these two up-and-coming hotties finally cave in and make out".

And the kiss between Ellen Page and Michael Cera in "Juno":
"In one of the snarkiest movies ever, the most memorable moment may be the most sincere one. Effortlessly cool".

M. Elizabeth Winstead as Ramona

"Mary Elizabeth Winstead is in negotiations to star opposite Michael Cera in Universal's "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World". Edgar Wright is directing the adventure romance.
In "Pilgrim" Winstead will play the dream woman of a young slacker (Cera). But the only way he can win her heart is by battling and defeating her seven evil ex-boyfriends.

The project is based on the Oni Press graphic novel "Scott Pilgrim Volume 1: Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life", written by Bryan Lee O'Malley. Michael Bacall and Wright wrote the screenplay.

Marc Platt and Eric Gitter are producing along with Wright and Nira Park, who produce via Big Talk Prods.

The role could take Winstead ("Live Free or Die Hard") to leading lady status much the same way "Knocked Up" raised KatherineHeigl's profile when she was paired opposite Seth Rogen.Winstead is repped by Paradigm and Betty Winstead".
What a fun, sexy time this must be for Mr. Cera.

Sophia Bush & Beaux

Sophia flirting with Jake on 25th January 2006.Sophia with Michael Cera and Jonah Hill, sitting on Christopher Mintz-Plasse's lap, 26th August at Teen Choice Awards 2007.Sophia with Emile Hirsch on 12th January 2007 - 12th Annual Critics' Choice Awards.

Clark Duke Video

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jake Weird 2nd Anniversary!!

This is the second anniversary of Jake Weird, do you remember the first one?
We're here again at this point, weirdos, we were meant to be, we keep on connecting here in Weirdland! As a little tribute to my site watch this video (Jake is the star, Jake Weird is the galaxy), enjoy it!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Walking off the set

May 2 - Jake and Reese On The Set of 'Nailed' In Columbia, South Carolina.

"Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel walked off the set of director David O. Russell's new movie Nailed on Friday, after producers failed to show they had enough money to pay its cast. The Screen Actor's Guild will keep all cast members from the movie until the production company shows there is enough money set aside in a union-mandated account. An on-set source tells the New York Times production on the movie is expected to resume this week. It's not the first scandal to strike set of the movie, which was co-written by Al Gore's daughter Kristin - veteran James Caan quit his cameo role last month after a bust-up with Russell".

"When ThinkFilm pitches its slate at Cannes this week, the indie will confront an added obstacle: its seemingly wobbly financial condition. ThinkFilm is part of Capitol Films, whose indie comedy "Nailed," starring Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal, was shut down Friday by the Screen Actors Guild due to a lack of funds on deposit to pay its actors. Though the film has since resumed shooting, the company's problems with SAG have sent ominous signals to the creative community.

[...] Though the company saw an $18 million worldwide gross from "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead," further problems emerged Thursday when ThinkFilm execs suddenly discovered there was no money for Friday newspaper ads for "Then She Found Me." The following day, SAG pulled the plug on "Nailed," telling members not to work due to the lack of required funds in accounts designated to pay the film's actors.

No shoots had been planned for the weekend, and production resumed Monday on the political comedy -- directed by David O. Russell from a script he co-wrote with Kristin Gore -- after SAG received the necessary funds. The Directors Guild of America also received assurances that its members would be paid for the pic, which also stars James Brolin, Catherine Keener, James Marsden and Tracy Morgan.

"(The) Screen Actors Guild has now received adequate financial assurances that its members will be paid their wages for work on the production 'Nailed,' " SAG said Monday. "Our members are free to return to work on this production."

Friday, May 09, 2008

Donnie Darko Sequel

"Donnie Darko" sequel "S. Darko" starts shooting May 18

UK-based sales company Velvet Octopus will be launching sales in Cannes for S. Darko, billed as the sequel to the 2001 cult hit Donnie Darko. Fox has already taken North American rights.
Daviegh Chase reprises her role as Donnie's younger sister. The cast for S. Darko also includes Ed Westwick (Son Of Rambow, Gossip Girl), Briana Evigan (Step Up 2) and Justin Chatwin (Dragon Ball).

Ash Shah's Silver Nitrate and Newmarket Capital are producing. Los Angeles-based Chris Fisher, who previously made Nightstalker and Rampage: The Hillside Strangler Murders, will direct. The budget is pegged around $10m.

The story picks up seven years after the first film (and Donnie's death) when little sister Samantha Darko and her best friend Corey are now 18 and on a roadtrip to Los Angeles when they are plagued by bizarre visions.

Fisher said in a statement: "I am a great admirer of Richard Kelly's film and hope to create a similar world of blurred fantasy and reality."
Producers have spoken to Richard Kelly about the project but he is not involved in any official capacity at this stage.

Simon Crowe of Velvet Octopus added: "I think there is a new generation of cinema-goers who will be very excited to see this film."

Crowe quipped to ScreenDaily: "Donnie's not in [the new film] but there are meteorites and rabbits." Source:

"Hordes of emo-tastic children born in the '90's will be vowing to pierce the hearts of whomever gets behind the project. We know that former lead, Jake Gyllenhaal will not be returning, but actress Daviegh Chase will reprise her role as Donnie's younger sister. Woo.
Jena Malone isn't going to be returning either, but instead we'llget a chance to see a little more of Briana Evigan, who (make
fun of me if you like) has some potential for going on to a successful hottie career. So what if her introduction to audiences was in STEP UP 2: THE STREETS? The girl is FINE. And as we all well know, sometimes a good looking woman can make an unanticipated disaster a little less agonizing".