WEIRDLAND: One year later

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

One year later

Here comes the moment of reflection, my dear Weirdos, just One year after the beginning of this blog: remember the 15th May of 2006? Our youth is now a memory.
I hope some of you whom I dedicate this post to, began in that date and still keep on some way, somehow attached to Jake Weird one year later. Greetings from Kendra!


clairex said...

Happy anniversary, Kendra, you're my official new girl-crush, long live Jake Weird!

countsheep said...

Happy anniversary, sweetie, please take care!

penny lane said...

Kendra, congratulations on Jake Weird's first anniversary and thanks for all the beautiful pictures, reviews, etc...! Your fans are not going anywhere..! Hugs!

kokodee said...

I compiled a top 5 best of Jake Weird to commerate the occasion.

Kendra said...

Gracias de todo corazon, Kokodee, This is such a wonderful gift!

gr77 said...

Happy anniversary Kendra!!
You're a lovely person :)