Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The next Johnny Depp

"The struggle I have in mind is the far weightier struggle over who will be the Johnny Depp of the Millennial Generation.So yes, Depp is a hero to us all, this despite the undeniable fact that he is a goateed Francophile, which is saying rather a lot about his redeeming qualities. For years I've wanted to write a book titled Captain Jack's Guide to Management, divining the Shinto-inspired code of business success buried deep beneath Captain Jack Sparrow's wild-eyed witticisms as spouted in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Alas, there have been no takers as yet.I'll also add, briefly, that I really love the movie Edward Scissorhands and that when I met a really lovely yet very skinny and pale young woman, my brilliant friend dubbed her, "Edward Sisterhands," as though she were, um, Edward Scissorhands' sister. Oh heck, you get the idea.Anyway, I loved Holes and Disturbia as much as the next red-blooded American, but when LaBeouf addressed the assembled hordes at Comic-Con in San Diego last year, he was a punk. Harrison Ford, the wonderful Karen Allen, Steven Spielberg: all were class acts who recognized that the fans are decent, hard-working people who spent a lot of dough to ooh and aah with many like-minded Indiana Jones nerds. Yet Shia slouched and muttered and behaved in a generally impish, prima-donnaish fashion. I'll never forgive him. Rest assured, there are many millions of people who will throw rose petals at this young man's feet, and it's true that he's a decently talented actor. But you're no Depp and you never will be, LaBeouf. So you might want to develop some humility. Oh yes, the ladies love cool Shia. Merry Christmas, and damn you to Hades! What troubles me most is that he's rumored to be the first pick to play Yorick Brown in the forthcoming Y: The Last Man picture. More on Y to come.
Emile Hirsch, in contrast, is a true talent, as demonstrated by his remarkable star turn in Sean Penn's Into the Wild, easily one of the most affecting performances of 2007. Even in The Girl Next Door, a silly yet mildly diverting teen sex comedy, Hirsch gave a moving performance that ranged from earnest naif to smolderingly intense proto-pimp. This kid is going places, and my hope is that he will take a brief detour on the way there to trample on Shia LaBeouf. Metaphorically.Then there is Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has been making many strategically shrewd choices -- playing despised, marginalized types, starring in the awesome Brick (which also starred the awesome Nora Zehetner, who also played the young Helena Bonham Carter in the criminally underrated Conversations with Other Women). JG-L is a bit older, and he certainly has the inside track to be the sleeper indie Depp. My sense is that once LaBeouf is out of the way, say his massive ego leads to some kind of temporary brain rupture, Hirsch will have to face off against Gordon-Levitt in a battle to the death. Just as the end of the Second World War saw a a globe-spanning conflict between two former allies, this hitherto unforeseen battle may prove the most consequential of them all. And the balance will be in the hands of celebrated tween icon Miranda Cosgrove, who I predict will become the Helena Bonham Carter of Generation Z" -by randfashions in the Hitrecord Message Board

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Post-Valentine’s Date

"Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon play it shy, hiding their faces from paparazzi while enjoying a post-Valentine’s date night out in Los Angeles on Friday".

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Nora, you know you will be our particular noir princess, the femme-fatale of our most inconfesable dreams forever, I wish you all the best!

Friday, February 15, 2008

"All the young dudes" video

Holden Caulfield, Donnie Darko, Juno

"A boy can't deal with real people, so instead he befriends a giant, grotesque rabbit"."Donnie hardly recognizes himself: Plagued by fits of sleepwalking and vivid hallucinations of a six-foot metallic rabbit with monstrous teeth, he feels totally out of control, unable to decipher what is real. Panicked by the world around him and terrified of being alone, he finds himself unable to connect with other people. [...] A contemporary Holden Caulfield, he alternates between kindness and cruelty, boldness and fear, hope and despair. The film never sugarcoats its protagonist's failings, and Gyllenhaal doesn't sweeten the portrait, revealing a rebellious teenager so rude to his mother, we cringe".

"Juno has become a bona fide phenomenon — a rare cultural touchstone for millions of young female moviegoers". "Girls haven't had that sort of character before. We don't have our Catcher in the Rye" -Ellen Page. Source:
"Jason Reitman's Juno is a gem. It does for film what J D Salinger's Catcher In The Rye did for literature back in the late Fifties. Both are vivid portraits of adolescents: the former a girl, Juno MacGuff, superbly played by Ellen Page, the latter a boy, Holden Caulfield. Both are highly critical of the society in which they live and have trouble fitting in with the accepted activities of their peers and elders". "She's also keen on Bleeker (Michael Cera), a fellow student in her class who is a bit of a misfit. He's highly intelligent, makes an effort to join in with the jocks on their sporting activities, but doesn't appear to have any close friends amongst them".

Source:"Juno’s character is the most interesting thing about the movie. She is written as a feminine Holden Caulfield; highly pessimistic of the world around her and critical of a number of things. For the most part, she is an outcast at her school but by her own will and at the same time, to paraphrase her, she is the nerdy dream girl of a jock or two". Source:"Think Holden Caulfield, only female and pregnant. That’s Juno MacGuff". Source:
"According to the scooper, the film will largely focus on the relationship between the titular Jennifer, a high-school sex bomb and all around homecoming queen type who is also possessed by satanic forces -- there's a real 80s vibe, apparently -- and her best friend, called Needy. Needy slowly starts to realize that something is seriously wrong with Jennifer, since the boys she goes out with don't come back. But enough about the story -- what's the critique? According to the source, the script is an "oddly-paced, slightly incoherent horror comedy. This is trying too hard to be some genre-smashing cult hit like Donnie Darko..." Source:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Female Outcasts

"I say we just grow up, be adults, and die" - Veronica Sawyer (Winona Ryder).
Veronica Sawyer: You're a rebel? You think you're a rebel? You're not a rebel you're fucking psychotic! -"Heathers" (1989).
"Lux Lisbon, one of the five self-doomed sisters whose lissome dance toward extinction is the subject of Sofia Coppola's first movie (and of Jeffrey Eugenides's first novel, on which it is based), is first glimpsed in the act of finishing a red Popsicle. As played -- incarnated might be a better word -- by Kirsten Dunst, Lux is at once a blond icon of girlish suburban innocence and an emblem of womanly eroticism. Like Sue Lyon in Stanley Kubrick's ''Lolita,'' with her lollipop and her heart-shaped sunglasses, Ms. Dunst turns Lux's every glance and gesture into an ambiguous provocation". Source:

Lux Lisbon: I can't breath in here.
Mrs Lisbon: Lu, you are safe, in here.
"The Virgin Suicides" (1999).

"Maybe Enid Coleslaw - the cynical brat of the movement's lodestone film, Ghost World - sums up our geek girl's philosophy best. When she describes the film's socially inept record-collecting dork, Seymour, it's like a motto for the movement: "I kind of like him. He's the exact opposite of everything I really hate. In a way, he's such a clueless dork, he's almost kind of cool." Source:
Enid: This is so bad it's gone past good and back to bad again. -"Ghost World" (2001).Enid: I'm taking a remedial high school art class for fuck-ups and retards. (Brad Renfro, Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson)
Enid: Josh, he's nobody's boyfriend, he's just this guy that Becky and I like to torture.

See the parallels between Becky (Enid's friend -Scarlett Johansson) and Juno's cheerleder friend Leah (Olivia Thirlby): and also between the quirky male characters Josh (Brad Renfro) and Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera):Josh: This guy has every reason to freak out. This is a pretty fucked up thing to do to somebody.
Enid: I think Josh is becoming too mature for us.
Bleeker: You're being really immature... You have no reason to be mad at me, I mean, you broke my heart. I should be royally ticked off at you. I should be really cheesed off, I shouldn't want to talk to you anymore.
Juno MacGuff: He said her house smells like soup.
Leah: Oh my god it does! I was there like four years ago for her birthday party. It's like Lipton landing!
Juno MacGuff: Yeah, you just take Soupy-Sales to prom. I can think of so many cooler things to do that night. Like, you know what Bleek? I might pummus my feet, uh, I might go to Bren's Unitarian Church, maybe get hit by a truck full of hot garbage juice, you know? Cause all those things, would be exponentially cooler than going to prom with you.Juno MacGuff: You're, like, the coolest person I've ever met, and you don't even have to try, you know. -Ellen Page in "Juno" (2007).
Deb (Tina Majorino): Kay, hold still right there. Now, just imagine you're weightless, in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by tiny little seahorses.Deb: Um, hello. Would you like to look like this?

Napoleon Dynamite: This is a girl.
Deb: Because for a limited time only, Glamour Shots by Deb are 75% off. -"Napoleon Dynamite" (2004).

"I’m afraid the backlash against things like Juno or the fucking Decemberists is causing people to abandon the ideals we’ve all grown up with, possibly just for the sake of being contrarians" -Mike Conklin.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Michael Cera Video

I really like Michael Cera. I'm revisiting some of his old episodes in the TV sitcom "Arrested Development" and I'm pleasantly surprised of his comedic talent and intuitiveness. He's my geek-crush, weirdos, his awkward smile makes him sweet, unassuming and even naïve, but however keeping at the same time a mysterious gaze beyond his years.

Monday, February 11, 2008

BAFTA'S 2008

Javier Bardem.Daniel Day-Lewis.Marion Cotillard.Keira Knightley.Julie Christie.James McAvoy.Tilda Swinton.Eva Green.Kate Hudson.

2008's Orange British Academy Film Awards
(List of winners):
Best Film - Atonement
Best British Film - This Is England
The Carl Foreman Award - Matt Greenhalgh (Control)
Director - Joel and Ethan Coen (No Country For Old Men)
Best Original Screenplay - Juno
Best Adapted Screenplay - The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
Film Not in the English Language - The Lives of Others
Best Animated Film - Ratatouille
Leading Actor - Daniel Day-Lewis (There Will Be Blood)
Leading Actress - Marion Cotillard (La Vie En Rose)
Supporting Actor - Javier Bardem (No Country For Old Men)
Supporting Actress - Tilda Swinton (Michael Clayton)
Music - La Vie En Rose
Cinematography - No Country For Old Men
Editing - The Bourne Ultimatum
Production Design - Atonement
Costume Design - La Vie En Rose
Sound - The Bourne Ultimatum
Special Visual Effects - The Golden Compass
Make Up & Hair - La Vie En Rose
Short Animation - The Pearce Sisters
Short Film - Dog Altogether
Orange Rising Star Award - Shia LaBeouf.

Aaaaawwww picture

This should rehab Kirsten's mood "ipso facto".
Picture courtesy by, by Mario Testino from 'Let Me In' Book.

Jake in "Gooberballs"/ David Letterman show

Friday, February 08, 2008

Kirsten in Rehab

"Kirsten Dunst is snuggled in tight at the swank Cirque Lodge Treatment Center in Utah for treatment for her addiction issues, but sources say that she is not doing well.

“She’s not doing well. People were pushing her to go in there but there was no intervention… She has been partying hard for a while and I’m sure the Heath Ledger thing put people over the edge. She’s been crying a lot lately, a lot built up. …Everybody hits that bottom where you feel [so] scared that that one heavy night of partying can really wake you up. It’s good she’s getting herself help.”

Things came to a head for Kirsten when she failed to show up for her own Glamour magazine party after a night are hard partying at the Sundance Film Festival. Her reps said she “wasn’t feeling well” but we all know that’s code for ‘she’s coming down and took a handful of Xanax to sleep.’

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Legally blonde, woman of will

"Whether her character's husband is a terrorist or not isn't the crux of Rendition. More important is the question of the ethics and legality of the US government's policy in protecting people's safety. Gyllenhaal informs me in our interview, which follows Witherspoon's, that he received a letter from a lawyer whose client had his penis slashed with a razor blade during interrogation. He also directly quotes Streep's steely character in the film: "This is nasty business. There are upwards of 7000 people in central London alive tonight because of information that we elicited just this way from one person."

Rendition director Gavin Hood (an Oscar winner with Tsotsi) is not averse to admitting to using his cast's star power to bring the debate to a wider audience. He calls Witherspoon his "all-American girl Trojan horse". But the actress, despite having the distinction of being a direct descendent of John Witherspoon, a signatory to the declaration of American independence, refuses to be publicly drawn on her own standpoint on the issue.

The closest the Nashville-born actress has come to any kind of prejudice in her life, she says, is when she put the acting career she'd pursued since the age of seven on hold, aged 19, to study. Her fellow students at Stanford University felt she had only been accepted by the institution because she was an actress - despite the fact Witherspoon had applied under her birth name Laura (Reese is her middle name). She needn't have worried as, following her breakout role in the black comedy Freeway in 1996, she left her English literature studies after a year to focus solely on acting. Clocking impressive turns in twisted and edgy films such as Cruel Intentions (co-starring with Phillippe), Pleasantville and Election, Witherspoon wasn't really a household name until she played Elle Woods in Legally Blonde, a frivolous Hollywood comedy on paper. However, the bubbly actress injected such pathos and charm into the bushy-tailed Woods that she single-handedly vaulted the film's box office to the hallowed industry marker of $US100 million.

It prompted studio bosses to swiftly capitalise on their new marquee headliner. Sweet Home Alabama, the story of a white trash Alabama girl turned New York socialite, soon followed, topping even Legally Blonde's box office. Despite the actress's mainstream success continuing with the sequel to Legally Blonde, her acting CV isn't littered with the staple worthy dramatic films of an Oscar-winning actress who can command fees of $US15-$US20 million a film. Her increasing active role as a producer, she hopes, will change that.

Despite her shiny lot in life, Witherspoon had a rough ride dealing with her recent divorce proceedings, which called on all her Southern resolve. Actors are sometimes attracted to roles that reflect their own state of mind at the time and Rendition, filmed during her rocky period, is certainly her most dramatic role to date". Source: The Sun Herald