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Thursday, July 01, 2010

Prince of Persia: devastating CGI and gamey action scenes

Jake Gyllenhaal - Scans of Prince of Persia in Cinemark magazine (Brazil)

"Set in medieval Persia, Prince Dastan (Gyllenhaal) and his two brothers; Garsiv (Toby Kebbell) and Tus (Richard Coyle) head to Princess Tamina's (Arterton) holy city of Alamut, with their uncle Nizam (Kingsley) to stop the apparent supply of their enemy weapons. Dastan and Tamina have to evade capture for the killing of King Sharaman (Ronald Pickup).

They encounter many problems with the Dagger of Time. They then find their way to the Sandglass Caves, to stop Nizam undoing time to before Sharaman was crowned King.
To prevent Nizam, Dastan undoes time back to before the King was killed.

He attempts to kill Nizam, who dies by Tus' blade instead.
This leads to Dastan and Tamina talking about their destiny, looking longingly into each other's eyes.
On Dastan and Tamina's travels they come across Sheikh Amar (Alfred Molina) and his Ngbaka, knife-throwing bodyguard, Seso (Steve Toussaint).
Amar and Seso are great characters as they add an element of comedy, including Ostrich racing and knife throwing pinpoint accuracy.
The CGI used to show the devastating effects is really good, and looks incredibly realistic.The story line is almost identical to its game counterpart, released in November 2003, just with a slightly different conclusion.

Boaz Yakin, Carlo Bernard and Doug Miro's screenplay is extremely well written, but with an unusual story line, laid out by the game-makers.

There were many action packed scenes, which were very gamey, but still very good.
If you are an avid historian you would have noticed that some of the scenes are historically inaccurate but aren't very noticeable, so don't ruin the story.

I think at time that the plot moved to fast to keep up with, but it was easy most of the time.

I would definitely recommend going to see it, if you have played the game or not".

Jake Gyllenhaal on Princes, Parkour and Accents

Jake Gyllenhaal watches the Boston Celtics play the LA Lakers at the NBA playoffs on 22 May 2010. He is also interviewed and through the clip you can see him enjoying the game.

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