WEIRDLAND: MakingOf Interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Thursday, July 15, 2010

MakingOf Interview with Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page attending "Inception" - Paris Press ConferenceEllen Page and Joseph Gordon-Levitt attending Inception Premiere in Los Angeles

"MakingOf recently sat down with actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt to discuss how he goes about choosing his projects, and what advice he has for aspiring filmmakers who want to break into the industry. The up-and-coming star opines that it’s important to take advantage of the exposure that the Internet and other technological advances have afforded us versus more traditional methods.
“If you want to move to L.A. and get an agent, I’m not going to say ‘don’t do that,’ but, to be honest, if what you really care about is making things and being creative and getting your art seen by people… it’s not really the way to go. Nowadays, I’m working with a special effects guy from Scotland and a writer from Ireland, and they don’t have to live in L.A., they don’t have agents, and their work is going to screen at Sundance. I think that’s the future of how things are going to go.” Source:

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