WEIRDLAND: Edgar Wright and Michael Cera talk about "Scott Pilgrim"

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Edgar Wright and Michael Cera talk about "Scott Pilgrim"

Cera: Why did you want me for the part?

Wright: Most of the time in both the book and the film, Scott Pilgrim is having a major meltdown because of the women in his life. His world is falling apart, and there are times when he’s not a nice guy, so we needed an actor audiences will still follow even when the character is being a bit of an ass. Also, you’re Canadian.
Cera: What’s that supposed to mean?

Wright: It’s about the sense of humor. A question I find interesting is when people ask me about British humor versus American humor. Simon Pegg and I were talking about how it’s not a matter of cultural references, it’s a point of view. You know, my sense of humor is British. But, Michael, can you pinpoint something that’s Canadian humor? Tone? State of mind? If I had to pinpoint something, and what typifies moments in the film, it’s that you’re seeing insane things happen and yet the humor is very laid-back. Your reaction undercuts what’s going on.

Cera: Stupid Canadian docility. You know, something that people might find interesting is all of the videogame effects you used as visuals—and music, too.
Michael Cera as Scott Pilgrim in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

Wright: Those Nintendo games are classics—and people still play them, which is a testament to them being pieces of art. You’re so much younger than me, but Mario is a touchstone for both of us. And in this film we can do visuals that may seem pretty unconventional by Hollywood standards, and yet it doesn’t faze people at all because everyone knows what an extra life is. And there’s no blood or broken bones in this movie. It’s like a game. We had to use wind to show power.

Cera: That explains why I had that giant fan blowing in my eyes.

Wright: We had an air cannon aimed at you for those times in the film when your character gets hit—and remember the air cannon made a terrible noise? It goes POW!

Cera: It was like a cartoon.

Wright: You know, Kevin Smith has seen the movie and said your performance was like Bugs Bunny. It’s like you’ve got all these tricks up your sleeve and you just keep bouncing back. I would take that as a high compliment.

Cera: Oh, I do. Source:

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