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Friday, July 30, 2010

Chandeliers & Phantom of Opera

HISTORIC CHANDELIER HUNG AT UPTOWN THEATRE: "The city’s beloved Uptown Theatre, with its old Hollywood glamour and class, has just installed a historic chandelier that once hung in the balcony corridor of the Loew’s Capitol Theatre (Manhattan, NY) from 1919-1968. The chandelier later hung in the Loews Cheri Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts and, most recently, was rewired, restored and displayed in the Museum of the Moving Image (Astoria, NY) for an exhibit on Loews’ 100th anniversary.
Christine Taylor and actor Ben Stiller attending an event to honor Ben Stiller hosted by the Museum of the Moving Image on November 12, 2008 in New York

The hanging of the chandelier celebrates the history of the theatre as well as Loews Cineplex’s 100 year anniversary".

Jake Gyllenhaal and Emmy Rossum at 'The Day After Tomorrow' - Berlin Photocall on 5th May 2004 in Berlin, Germany

Emmy Rossum as Christine in The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

-Did all of the actors perform their own singing?
-Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Miranda Richardson, and Patrick Wilson all performed their own singing.
-How did the film creators create the gigantic chandelier, which the enraged Phantom sends crashing down into the audience?

-Three versions of the chandelier had to be created: a “hero” piece for day to day filming, a “stunt” replica for shooting the crashing sequences, and a version outfitted for electricity for the scenes set in 1919. Based on the general shape and size of the chandelier that adorns the Garnier, the films chandelier is 17 feet high and 13.2 feet wide, weighing 2.2 tons. Valued at more than $1.3 million, the piece is covered with over 20,000 full cut Swarovski crystal chandelier pendants.
It took four months to construct and four days to assemble the chandelier at Pinewood studios. It was then raised to the domed ceiling of the Auditorium, which had to be reinforced to make up for the weight of the huge chandelier. The top of the set was built around the chandelier after it was hung". Source:

Edie Sedgwick's look was all about contrasting elements.
She had boyishly short hair but wore fantastically long, elegant chandelier earrings.

Regal Collection Chandelier 8186-60By Livex Lighting

chandelier is a branched decorative ceiling-mounted light fixture with two or more arms bearing lights. Towards the end of the 20th century, the chandelier is used more as a decorative focal point and designed as part of an array for home lighting in the rooms. Chandeliers are often ornate, containing dozens of lamps and complex arrays of glass or crystorama lighting to illuminate a room with refracted light.
One famous chandelier is the chandelier in the Opera Garnier which in the 1910 Gaston Leroux novel The Phantom of the Opera is crashed by the Phantom. The earliest candle chandeliers were used in medieval places of assembly.

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The reproduction chandelier looks like nothing more than an oversized fixture for some chintzy 70's hotel. Sorry, but in spite of the expensive materials, the craftsmanship just isn't there.