WEIRDLAND: New Affiliate: Jaime King

Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Affiliate: Jaime King

Great news this Sunday in Weirdland, Jake Weird is now an affiliate with Jaime King fan in the section of Miscellaneous. Thank you very much, Sheeda!

Erin Wasson, takes a stab at styling for Elle US October issue. The editorial, Walk On the Wild Side, was shot by Alexei Hay and features actress Jaime King in menswear inspired looks that also feature a bohemian flair. Source:

"One of the big sequels fandom has been waiting for is “Sin City 2”.
And according to Jamie King, who I spoke with today at the press junket for “My Bloody Valentine 3D”, maybe everyone involved did have that intention. But for whatever reason…they couldn’t all agree on what direction the sequel should go in. Jamie says Frank Miller has finally finished the script for the sequel and she hopes to be making it this year.

Collider: Do you think Sin City 2 is ever going to happen?

Jamie: Yeah. Frank just finished the script. I was with him the other night. He just finished it and the thing is…I think when Sin City came out it was such a big hit for the studio but the studio is frustrating…sometimes studios are awesome because they have a great vision for something, but then they want to do weird things with the second one. Robert didn’t want to go down that route, so we’ve just be waiting till somebody knocked some sense into them, where we can do it the way we want to do it".

Watch Interview to Jamie King about "Sin City 2".

"Here's a first ever still from the "MOTHER'S DAY" remake now filming in Winnipeg, Canada.

Directed by Darren Lynn Bousman and starring Jaime King, Deborah Ann Woll, Briana Evigan, Alexa Vega, Shawn Ashmore, Matt O'Leary, Lyriq Bent, Lisa Marcos, Patrick Flueger, AJ Cook, J. LaRose and Warren Kole, three brothers on the run from the law head for home, only to discover that their mother lost the house in a foreclosure. Mother ingeniously orchestrates her sons' escape, teaching the house's new owners and their guests a few lessons along the way".


Vicky said...

Just wanted to congratulate you Kendra, you made the news section on Jakes IMDB page.

Kendra said...

thanks a lot for your comment, Vicky! welcome to Weirdland!

Jake Weird is mentioned in IMDB Jake Gyllenhaal page and Emile Hirsch's, wow!

I'm glad of having been able to collaborate with tMF site, Jed was so nice inviting me to offer my opinion for their next Hitlist of young actors that will be published in October.