WEIRDLAND: Kristen Stewart, not your typical HW girl

Monday, October 12, 2009

Kristen Stewart, not your typical HW girl

First official still of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "Eclipse" (2010).

"-The rumors persist that you had an affair with your twilight castmate Robert Pattinson.-We get on well and became great friends while shooting. But beside Robert I found other new friends on the Twilight-Set, too. A lot of people don´t understand, that women and men actually can be just friends, without having a sexual connection.-Are there actors you admire?-Jodie Foster. I had a part in her film ”Panic Room”, which was a great honour for me. Since than she´s my role model in many aspects. I would love to be like her. She´s not just a great actress, she also made a name for herself as a director, author and producer. But what I admire the most is her ability to defend her private life from the public.-But you already managed that, too. Compared to other young actors, you were never spotted in the famous nightclubs.-That´s not my cup of tea. I´m not a Hollywood girl. I dislike all this superficial affectations. I spend my free time with other things. I´m bookish and love reading. A couch and a good book is all I need. From John Steinback to Albert Camus- I read everything I can get. But I also enjoy going to dinner with my friends or chill with my family and organize evenings where we play games together.

-What about shopping? Where do you like to go for that?
-I don´t know, I buy things very spontaneously, when I see them during a walk around town. I don´t have a stylist who fits me. I want to be authentic and to be honest, I don´t care what kind of label a shirt has. I started to create a t-shirt collection with my friend and co-star Nikki Reed, just for fun. It doesn’t have to get a major result". -‘InStyle’ Interview, October 2009. Source:

Jake Gyllenhaal and Gwyneth Paltrow in "Proof" (2005).

Gwyneth Paltrow wearing a cut-out Stella McCartney minidress & Roger Vivier clutch for Cinema Society screening of "Iron Man", 28th April 2008, N.Y. Kristen Stewart, GQ outtakes, wearing a cocktail see-through black dress identical to Gwyneth Paltrow's.

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