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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

James Franco: A Consummate New Yorker

James Franco and Freida Giannini (creative director of Gucci), on the cover of "i-D" Magazine - Fall 2009.

James Franco interviewed by Lauren Collins at The New Yorker Festival in Cedar Lake Theatre, October 17, 2009.
"Lauren Collins introduced and addressed Franco as an actor, director, poet, writer, art collector, and “exhausted grad student.” What makes Franco even more impressive, though, is the great length he goes to read about and research a role, project or hobby before he dives in. For his part on “Freaks and Geeks,” for instance, he visited the Detroit high school that served as the inspiration for the show. Franco said that when the show got canceled, he was excited to be able to pursue other shows and movies, without being tied down to one role.
It was on that show that Franco began to emerge as a stoner icon. During his own teenage years, he played the part of mischievous “Ted” Franco. Now, well after he has outgrown his adolescence, Franco stated that people assume — based on his demeanor and speech, no doubt — that he’s still one of them. He said he doesn’t mind this presumption because it means they assume he’s a fun, likable person. For “Pineapple Express” Judd Apatow welcomed Franco’s contributions. However, earlier in his career, Franco says that people found his impulsiveness to be annoying and unbefitting. But over time, he’s accepted that actors don’t collaborate on the creative process from the start.“I went on to make some good movies and then I made some bad movies.” After leaving television, James Franco acknowledges he’s had an uneven film career
“There’s something about [Allen] Ginsburg that’s still hip”
- James Franco says it was easy to prepare for Howl because he read a good deal of the Beats in high school
Aaron Tveit and James Franco: poet Peter Orlovsky & Allen Ginsberg in "Howl" (2010).

“It’s kind of like acting. When I had a different mask or mouthpiece, stuff came out easier.”
- James Franco connects his poetic and theatrical sides

“Having a great teacher is like having a great director.”
- James Franco compares having Michael Cunningham as a fiction-writing teacher to working under Martin Scorsese

“I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I started watching about a week ago.” - James Franco was immediately asked about his latest announced role on “General Hospital”, a show Judd Apatow phoned to say he once obsessively watched
James Franco and Emile Hirsch at Film Independent's Spirit Awards, on 21th February 2009.

A celebrity agrees to appear at a popular festival. He’s honest and forthcoming throughout. So when you arise to ask a question, make sure it’s one that will yield captivating results. Asking him what his motivation was for being there that night doesn’t qualify. It’s not only short-sighted, it carries with it an obvious answer: because I was invited. Franco turned it into a chance for modesty, mentioning how hard it is to talk about oneself for an entire hour".

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