WEIRDLAND: Jake & Kristen Stewart: hair and lip action

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jake & Kristen Stewart: hair and lip action

Jake Gyllenhaal, on 17th May 2006 - Leaving Sprinkles Cupcakes In Beverly Hills (and biting his lower lip).Jake caressing his hair in "Dazed and confused" mag.
Robert Pattinson - Virgin Blue Voyeur magazine scans, October 2009.
Kristen Stewart has two gestural tics that all we know: tossing her hair and biting her lower lip (see video featuring her overusing of lip biting below):

Kristen gets off on biting her lip - a lot. In just about every movie shes in, she's constantly chomping down on her pretty pink mouth. We've seen her do it in interviews too, so it must just be some strange habit KStew can't kick.
Kristen Stewart - Matt Jones photoshoot outtake.
Emile Hirsch with Woody Harrelson at "Milk" Premiere in Los Angeles Afterparty 2008.Taylor Lautner in GQ magazine. Clive Owen.Dakota Fanning.Josh Hartnett.Elisha Cuthbert.Lindsay Lohan.Emilie de Ravin.

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