WEIRDLAND: Bella and Jacob in "New Moon"

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bella and Jacob in "New Moon"

It starts with Edward's POV and then it becomes Bella's POV...
E! Daily 10 reveals how the break up scene in New Moon affected Kristen Stewart.

"Being on Team Edward was so Twilight. Thirty pounds of pure muscle, a dynamite story arc, and a handful of cast mates behind him, has everyone screaming Team Jacob lately. Sorry Edward, we all still lust after you, but as more and more information leaks on New Moon many fans are switching teams.The gradual switch began when Taylor Lautner first flashed his draw dropping abs last winter, prompting a gaggle of new adoring fans. "Get ready for a lot of heartbreak. When I was reading the books, I felt very bad for Jacob’s character. But now, I actually lived his character, I feel so much worse", says Lautner about his reactions to reading The Twilight Saga. Team Jacob is ready to heal his broken heart and over the past months the support for Jake has been incredible; some might even forget that Edward is in the film". Source:

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