WEIRDLAND: Tongue teasing, lip biting, pouting, etc.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Tongue teasing, lip biting, pouting, etc.

Jake Gyllenhaal shows us a bit of tongue at Abbot Kinney Blv. in Venice, CA, on 30th August 2009.Emile Hirsch showing tongue in "The Girl Next door".Megan Fox relocating her tongue.Jake Gyllenhaal biting his lip.Emile Hirsch biting his lip.Courtney Love biting her lip.
Zooey Deschanel pouting.Kat Dennings pouting.Megan Fox pouting.Jennifer Aniston: celullar phone + pouting.Michelle Trachtenberg: annoyed pouting.
Lindsay Lohan: finger on her teeth.Julia Stiles: finger on her teeth.

More fingers on teeth/mouths:
Mila Jovovich.Amanda Seyfried.Katherine Heigl.Diane Kruger.Jonathan Rhys Meyers.Heath Ledger.Michelle Williams.Ashley Greene.Katy Perry.Marilyn Monroe.


clairex said...

you're always so perceptive with the pictures you choose, Kendra, bravo!!

Kendra said...

thanks a lot, claire, I wanted to finish this month August with a good mouth taste :)