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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Doing hot scenes

Jake Gyllenhaal in a hot scene of "Rendition" (2007).-And Emile Hirsch was seventeen?-The sex scene took place separately, actually. Because of the nature of the scene - it was shot in a limo - we had to cut out the back of the limo and a camera was basically where the trunk is. Because of the positioning of us, they shot Emile separately, and me separately, so we were never actually together.-How hard was that?
-(Laughing) To pretend you're making love to a box? Because that's exactly what it was. I don't know. You do the best you can, I guess. You know what? I think the love aspect of it all was the drawing point for me. I mean, just the chemistry and all that. 
Source: Cuthbert said you shot the sex scene in the limo separately. What was that like to do?
-How does it feel to have sex by myself? You know, very much at home. 
Source:"Maggie Gyllenhaal has revealed there are double-standards regarding nude scenes in her house: she hates it when fiance Peter Sarsgaard strips for the camera but he likes it when she does it.

The Dark Knight actress explained recently: “After Secretary, people knew that I’d get naked, but I won’t get naked for anything - only if it makes sense.

“I hate it when Peter does a love scene. He’s very understanding - it doesn’t seem to bother him [when I do one]". 

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