WEIRDLAND: Jake took his shirt off during yoga class

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jake took his shirt off during yoga class

"When I saw the news that Jake Gyllenhaal took off his sweaty “Facebook Addict” shirt while running in California yesterday, my first thought was not “I must find the picture of Jake Gyllenhall shirtless!!” But “I must find a picture of that shirt Jake Gyllenhaal took off.”
Like many of us, I love Facebook, (Not sure what classifies as “addiction,” but if I had a therapist she might tell me “it’s something to keep an eye on.”) and wanted to see that shirt".



Rosadimaggio63 said...

La seconda foto, sono di quelle che preferisco di JGy.-
Senza parole...solo da toccare lascivamente !
Kiss :-)))))

Kendra said...

I'm also speechless, Jake taking his shirt off benumbes me!
naughty naughty girl ;)

good night,Rosa!

Anonymous said...

I love the shirts at