WEIRDLAND: Jake and Isla Fisher: Shopaholics

Monday, March 30, 2009

Jake and Isla Fisher: Shopaholics

Jake shopping At The Whole Foods Store in Beverly Hills, on 28th March.
Jake shopping For Shoes In Beverly Hills, on 28th March.

"Fisher lays claim to that Hollywood archetype known as the "ditz," morphing into a flibbertigibbet-wrecking-ball in a frantic comedy that generally manages to paper over its flaws through sheer breathelessness.

As we meet Shopaholic's title character, Rebecca Bloomwood, she is deep in a hell of her own making, $16,000 in credit card debt and being pursued by a collector (Robert Stanton) with the pitbull dedication of Les Miz's Inspector Javert -- and still she keeps buying cute scarves on Fifth Avenue.

Rebecca's well thought-out solution to her problems is to, by sheer force of will, land a dream job at a Vogue-like fashion magazine, run by a French editrix, played by Kristen Scott Thomas (she's back!). For pop-culture enthusiasts, Confessions is a veritable game of actress catch-up, from Thomas to Christine Ebersole to Airplane's Julie Hagarty to Lynn Redgrave (ignominiously cast as "Drunken lady at ball.")


Another "shopaholic"photoshoot, Elisha Cuthbert in a shoes shop:

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