WEIRDLAND: Gyllanhaal-esque Eggold in United States of Tara

Monday, March 16, 2009

Gyllanhaal-esque Eggold in United States of Tara

"Tara and Kate set up camp in a roadside motel that also happens to be the setting for a pharmaceutical-sales convention. Slipping into a bikini, hotel robe, and invented identity, Kate proceeds to flirt up one of the pharma reps, the Jake Gyllenhaal–esque Ryan Eggold. United States Of Tara - 1x09 Possibility (2009)

(In true U.S. of T. fashion, we digress into arcane pop-culture referencedom. While we’re at it, though: In a coincidence of Sunday-night-TV pop-culture tangents, this week’s episode of Family Guy makes reference to 
United States of Tara creator Diablo Cody, and Nate Corddry’s U.S. of T. character loans a Family Guy DVD to Kate.)

Anyway, Eggold's legal-drug dealer is entranced by Kate’s world-traveling French-Canadian starfucker persona. She regales him with tales of overcoming a move from Quebec to Monte Carlo, a “fucked-up thing” with Lance Armstrong, and learning to love her strange name (“Nordic”). They repair to a hot tub to soak and suck face. When Tara tries to break things up, Kate throws a fit and tells her mom she was crazy to think their road trip would be “one of those, 'let’s get French manicures mother-daughter getaways'. The confrontation precipitates an identity transition for Tara, into T, the self-proclaimed slutty teenage alter.
T is unceremoniously banished from the jacuzzi, so she takes refuge in a nearby tattoo parlor".


First Season - Episode 9 "Possibility" clip:

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