WEIRDLAND: March 2009

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rememorating Edie Sedgwick

Jake Gyllenhaal and Hayden Christensen in "This is our youth" (2002).Jake Gyllenhaal and Hayden Christensen in "Elle" magazine.
Hayden Christensen on the campaign of the new Lacoste fragrance, Challenge (available in May 2009).
Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen in the film "Factory Girl" (2006).Sienna Miller and Guy Pierce as Edie and Andy in the film "Factory Girl" (2006).
Sienna wants to hear Edie's voice and has been told that the brilliant artist René Ricard might have rare film footage he shot back in the day. Sienna is familiar with the hotel: Her father's guru still has a practice on the seventh floor.

I take Sienna behind the front desk and introduce her to the legendary proprietor, Stanley Bard. "You look like Edie," Bard says delightedly. "What was she like?" she asks. Bard shrugs. "When she wasn't using, she was fine. But she was a drug addict. I remember Nico, I remember Ultra Violet.… It was like a cult." He directs us to Edie's old place on the first floor. "It probably hasn't changed since she left," he says, and he may well be right. Sienna, squinting as she surveys the room, says, "This is where she had the fire. This is where she crawled on her hands and knees." Back at the front desk, she asks Bard what caused the fire. "Candles and cigarettes," he says with the stoicism of one who has endured more than a few youthquakers in his time. "The usual."

René Ricard, meanwhile, is not answering his phone. Nevertheless, the consensus is that he's: a) upstairs and b) too volatile to be approached directly by Sienna. "You can't go up there," Bard says. "He's paranoid." He turns to a passing hotel resident."This is the girl who's going to play Edie," he says. "Can you take her up to see René?" The tenant edges toward the elevator. "No, man, I just got back from Europe today. I can't. He's crazy." I ask another. "Don't ruin my day," he replies. "He's crazy." Finally, another painter—a young Texan in a cowboy hat who sits all night in the lobby working on a picture of the lobby—strides over and says to Sienna, "I'll take you up, ma'am. I can do this."

Brigid and Sienna have been collaborating to ensure that Edie, an icon of unknowability as much as anything, has some psychological substance as a screen character. Berlin, Sedgwick's friend, says, "Sienna's very brave to take this on"—not least, in Berlin's view, because capturing Edie essentially involves capturing a very fleeting moment in time. When Sienna frets about getting Sedgwick's elusive voice right, Berlin reassures her. "You're just dealing with somebody who didn't have a long life. It's the press. They make it out now—it's 2005—like she was this great superstar. It doesn't have to be perfect. You don't have much to work with." Berlin doesn't think Miller need lose a pound to play the sylph, although the actress has told me privately that she will: "If you are going to do that character, you have to go there. And she was skinnier than me. She was scary-kinny." Berlin passes on one vital tip:
"Edie didn't take off her false eyelashes. She just put more on." Source:

"One person in the '60s really fascinated me more than anybody", Warhol once said."In George Hickenlooper's film, one only has to enter Sedgwick's orbit for a second before falling madly in love with her. And no one fell harder than Warhol, portrayed by "Memento's" great Guy Pearce.

Pearce plays Andy as a subtly powerful but emotionally restrained wallflower, a man whose Factory provides an artistic refuge and haven for bruised souls like Sedgwick, whose father, the film tells us, was her first kiss.

Clearly, you can quibble with "Factory Girl's" verisimilitude, its purely skin-deep study of pop art, its script, which never truly pulls off Sedgwick's progression from college cutie to drugged-out dishrag, and Hickenlooper's directorial lapses, which rely too often on obvious crazy-'60s movie standards".


Tobey Maguire will star in "The limit"

"Tobey Maguire may star in The Limit for Columbia Pictures.
Columbia is currently in talks to acquire Michael Cannell’s upcoming novel with Maguire playing Grand Prix drive Phil Hill, who went against his good friend and Ferrari teammate Wolfgang von Trips in the 1961 Drivers Championship. Tony Peckham will adapt the novel for the screen. Maguire will also produce.
Maguire hasn’t been in a big screen movie since the release of Spider-Man 3 in 2007. He returns to theaters later this year in Brothers with Jake Gyllenhaal and Natalie Portman".

Monday, March 30, 2009

Scoring "Nailed"

"Will "Nailed" his financially-troubled political satire starring Jessica Biel and Jake Gyllenhaal ever come out? Last we had heard Spike Jonze's brother Squeak E. Clean (producer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs' Show Your Bones and of the hip-hop mash-up project, NASA) has composed the score, but we were also told around that time that the film was "on hold." What does that mean exactly?" Source:

Reese and Jake spotted in Paris' bistro

"Out at dinner in a cozy little Parisian bistro Peterelle, we were enjoying the delicious food and the wonderful company in this tiny six table setting. Soon enough, this petite blonde bundled up in a wool skirt, a peacoat, and boots strolls in with a tall man wearing jeans, a lumberjack shirt and a fedora. Now- these two look familiar. It is indeed the Oscar winning actress Reese Witherspoon and her beau of two years Jake Gyllenhaal. Sitting at the table next to us, they looked smitten with each other as they spoke throughout the meal, with Reese regularly throwing back her head in giggles. Sweet and subdued, she accepted we take a photograph of her, as Jake picked up a meringue from the large wooden bowl before they got lost together strolling in the wonderful city that is Paris". Source:

Make-up sessions

Reese in an Avon Print Ad.Naomi Watts applying lipstick on her lips in "Ellie Parker".Zooey Deschanel in a scene from "The Good Girl".Portia Doubleday with an make-up assistant on the set of "Youth in Revolt".
Cory Kennedy fancifully plays with cosmetics.
Emma Stone in her dressing room.Edie Sedgwick in front of the mirror.

Lindsay Lohan in the dressing room, in "I know who killed me".Lindsay Lohan applying herself lipstick inside a van.
Drew Barrymore in a photo shoot for Vogue.
Reese Witherspoon posing for Vogue, November 2008.Reese Witherspoon as June Carter in front of the mirror.Reese Witherspoon in a make-up session.
Red-haired Emma Stone is a fresh version of Lindsay Lohan.
Lindsay Lohan using her hair-dryer in a scene from "Just my luck".Kristen Stewart with her hair-dryer.James McAvoy in the bathroom.

Robert Pattinson is a vampire hottie.

Robert Pattinson and his Twilight girlfriend Bella (Kristen Stewart):

Jake and Isla Fisher: Shopaholics

Jake shopping At The Whole Foods Store in Beverly Hills, on 28th March.
Jake shopping For Shoes In Beverly Hills, on 28th March.

"Fisher lays claim to that Hollywood archetype known as the "ditz," morphing into a flibbertigibbet-wrecking-ball in a frantic comedy that generally manages to paper over its flaws through sheer breathelessness.

As we meet Shopaholic's title character, Rebecca Bloomwood, she is deep in a hell of her own making, $16,000 in credit card debt and being pursued by a collector (Robert Stanton) with the pitbull dedication of Les Miz's Inspector Javert -- and still she keeps buying cute scarves on Fifth Avenue.

Rebecca's well thought-out solution to her problems is to, by sheer force of will, land a dream job at a Vogue-like fashion magazine, run by a French editrix, played by Kristen Scott Thomas (she's back!). For pop-culture enthusiasts, Confessions is a veritable game of actress catch-up, from Thomas to Christine Ebersole to Airplane's Julie Hagarty to Lynn Redgrave (ignominiously cast as "Drunken lady at ball.")


Another "shopaholic"photoshoot, Elisha Cuthbert in a shoes shop: