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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Strutting sport shoes

Emile Hirsch at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles, CA, on 26th April, 2008.

"To celebrate the release of Speed Racer, the CGI-heavy big-screen adaptation by Larry and Andy Wachowski of The Matrix fame, Puma, Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Productions teamed up to create some limited-edition kicks The Puma Speed Racer shoe is modeled after Puma's Scattista model and features an environmentally-friendly method of construction that uses less waste while providing superior fit and comfort—the shoe's upper is sewn directly onto the sole. The sneak comes in two colorways, one in black, silver and yellow, and another in white and red. The shoes also feature super-reflective Puma and Speed Racer logos.

They won't make you drive any faster but feel free to blame your stylish footwear if you get pulled over and frisked for speeding".
Jake has been seen with different Nike sneakers while out to run.
Although Jake uses to favour his Nikes, while out to dinner at Jar Steakhouse in Los Angeles, on 4th September 2007.Still wearing his then-favorite tan t-shirt, Jake takes a walk in L.A. with "Brothers" director Jim Sheridan, also wearing his dearest pair of Nike sneakers, on 23rd October, 2007.Jake wearing a white pair of Nikes with the red-outlined swoosh and the yellow heel insert in the sole as he approaches his ride in Beverly Hills. That night, Jake was disguised in a gorilla suit for Halloween night, on 31th October.
Usually we see Jake different Nike models, and when he likes one new, the previous pairs don't appear again.Jake on crutchs and wearing Crocs Cayman shoes.Jake Gyllenhaal working on his fitness, wearing New Balance shoes, Nike shorts, and an Adidas shirt Jake went for a good work-up with his personal trainer.
Review: ‘Day After Tomorrow’ is retro cool: Fortunately, [Emmerich] got a cast that knows what to make of lines like “This is so retro it would be cool if it were on purpose.”

That observation (so gloriously appropriate in the context of this movie) is delivered by Jake Gyllenhaal, whose snarky performance as Sam, the somewhat estranged 17-year-old son of a crack climatologist (Dennis Quaid), carries much of the picture past its absurdities. Not the least of these is dad’s heroically crazy quest to reunite with Sam, even while the world is literally falling down around them.

“Unpack the snow shoes”, he tells his loyal assistant (Dash Mihok). “We’re walking from here”. Source:

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