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Friday, February 20, 2009

RECord: Photo Journal Collaboration

Thank you a lot, Lisa, for updating me about our collective Photo Journal project in Hitrecord, I love you, darling! Congrats to you specially for being our "maestro" (that's how Joe called you) masterminder!!

"A collaborative project beginning on July 4, 2007 in V2.

On August 31, 2007, after the first 2 frames were taken in San Francisco, the little blue box began it's death defying journey.
540 days later, it safely returned to San Francisco on December 24, 2008 (via Santa and his sleigh).

The film has been processed. The journal is in the process of being photographed. Copious records to follow soon.

All the project idea started on this Hitrecord thread

Recorders and where they made their records:

[Weirdos, I'm the #9 Parquebruil is my username in the Hitrecord forum]

1. lisa - San Francisco, California USA
2. dan - Hollywood, California USA
3. teafaerie - Topanga, California USA
4. michellepak - Culver City, California USA
5. Shygirl311 - Burbank, California USA
6. venstus - Ventura, California USA
7. schooladdict - Beecroft NSW Australia
8. Kate - Brunswick East VIC Australia
9. parquebruil - Tarragona Spain
10. english_thorn - Liverpool England
11. justforeverme - Bedfordshire England
12. Suz - Wooster, Ohio USA
13. Jolynne - Virginia Beach, Virginia USA
14. yoursundaydrive - Palm Beach Gardens, Florida USA
15. aenadal - Austin, Texas USA
16. AllegraD - Denton, Texas USA
17. Favorite - Tucson, Arizona USA
18. Ceam - Burnaby, BC Canada
19. kay - Nelson, BC Canada
20. Natalie - Milwaukie, Oregon USA
21. Clay - San Jose, California USA
22. anilla - San Francisco, California USA
23. jeffpeff - Los Angeles, California USA
24. Joe - Los Angeles, California USA

All players please feel free to upload any records of your PJC record making experience (with the exception of any duplicates of the actual record you made for the project)

There is currently a Photo Journal Collaboration 2 in the works.

Much love and thanks to all that played in this stage of the game.

Read more about it in the Hitrecord Forum

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