WEIRDLAND: Possible engagement?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Possible engagement?

"The rumor-mill is working overtime in Britain - the gossip is that Jake Gyllenhaal has decided to propose (or has already proposed) to Reese Witherspoon during an exotic Egyptian getaway. I buy that Jake took (or will take) Reese on a romantic trip, but I’m not buying the engagement until I read it in People. There has been a Reese-Jake engagement watch before, and Reese has even publicly claimed that she’s not sure if she’ll ever re-marry. Still, Jake’s holiday plans do seem really sweet.

According to the British travel agency with whom Jake made the arrangements, Jake organized a private jet to take Reese to the pyramids, the Luxor and a private viewing of a newly-discovered mummy. Yikes, maybe it’s not so romantic? A mummy doesn’t really say “marry me”. Source:

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