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Monday, February 16, 2009

New Affiliate: (Kristen Stewart)

We have a new Affiliate Site here in Weirdland devouted to the lovely and rising star Kristen Stewart: (take a look at their well furnished Gallery - they have over 30,000 photos of Kristen and counting!), thank you very much, Justin!

Kristen Stewart as Martine in "The Yellow Handkerchief" (2008), directed by Udayan Prasad. This film was released at Sundance Film Festival on 18th January 2008 and at San Francisco International Film Festival, on 2nd May, 2008.
"Twilighters in need of a fix before Stephenie Meyer’s blockbuster sequel New Moon arrives in theaters thought they needed to wait until March 27 to see Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart again. That’s the day their new movies open: Little Ashes (Rob’s, a Salvador Dalí biopic) and Adventureland (Kristen’s, an ’80s comedy.) But it turns out fans can see their Twilight favorites much sooner. On March 17 Little, Brown will publish the detailed on-set journal that Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke kept throughout filming. Hardwicke has given EW an exclusive first peek at Twilight: Director’s Notebook, which looks less like a diary than a scrapbook, studded with drawings, makeup and wardrobe notes, storyboards, lists, sketches, photos, and all kinds of oddnuggets of information (did you know Rob was first tricked out with hair extensions to give him his trademark look)?"


clairex said...

congrats, Kendra!
I <3 Kristen so much, and Twilight!

Kendra said...

Yes, Claire, Catherine Hardwicke made a fine job in "Twilight".
Kristen Stewart isn't your usual Hollywood young female star, and I like her boyfriend -Michael Angarano- too!