WEIRDLAND: Michelle Williams won't attend the Oscars

Friday, February 20, 2009

Michelle Williams won't attend the Oscars

"She sees Wendy and Lucy principally as a "whole film made of silent moments", adding: "When I made Brokeback Mountain, I really prepared for the scenes that were meaty and had lots of dialogue while little scenes like 'so-and-so drives a car or looks out a window' I just wouldn't prepare for. And on the day, those silent moments were the ones that were the real challenges because it's just room and you've got to fill it."

Williams has long been famous for shunning celebrity culture. She moved to Brooklyn years before it became very cool and says she feels "very detached" from Hollywood.

She has no plans to attend Sunday's Oscars ceremony in LA and says she would never consider living there.

"I wouldn't raise [Matilda] there. For all the obvious reasons – being the daughter of…," she pauses. "Being an actor's daughter. It's a town that's about one thing and I want her to have options." She says she'd like her daughter to be a doctor when she grows up although, right now, if Matilda gets her way, she'll be a cowgirl.
Yet Williams has not totally removed herself from showbusiness circles. She is currently romantically linked to the film director Spike Jonze.

"I don't really want to talk about that," she says, when the subject of Jonze comes up.

"In terms of trying to convey how you feel, you can never really say it right." Williams goes to great efforts to phrase things perfectly, pausing before each sentence. "I do worry too much about getting it just right."

Frankly, Williams seems too grounded, too bright, too nice and a little too ruminative to be a happy Hollywood bunny, even before taking into account the extra burden of her recent personal tragedy.

She hopes the solution is to throw herself into films like Wendy and Lucy, films which pay little, and in return, demand little in terms of having to promote them.

"I'll be happy making movies for $300,000 for the rest of my life, if the roles are interesting. On that level, there'll always be something to go back to." Source:

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