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Monday, June 16, 2008

Positive Fuel

"On the massive Montreal set, star Gyllenhaal, late of such very non-actiony films as ''Donnie Darko'' and ''The Good Girl,'' gets his cheeks pinked and bangs frosted, then begins an odd chase scene around the freighter, as he flees from...nothing -- the wolves will be added later. After a few takes, Emmerich remarks to his young actor that he's terribly fleet of foot. Gyllenhaal grins beneath frosty eyebrows and replies in perfect movie trailerese, ''Faster's better: Bigger...faster...funnier!'' Source:

June 14 - Leaving A Studio In Hollywood.Fray, founder of Los Angeles-based Eco-limo, and a former driver of Leonardo’s Prius says; “When someone like Kirsten Dunst, Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Al Gore or Leonardo DiCaprio takes an alternative fuel car to the Oscars or another major event, people see that they walk the walk. That’s a good thing.” Source:

"Day After Tomorrow, The: Politically charged and somewhat poorly executed 2004 disaster movie, starring Randy Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal, exposing the potentially apocalyptic effects of global warming, albeit in a scientifically implausible form. In green-tech slang, the title has become a synonym for "worst-case scenario." Notable for laughably ironic scene of hordes of illegal U.S. immigrants storming the border into Mexico to escape extreme weather in the north". Source:

Here we have a good alternative to the typical fleet companys: a novel vehicle tracking company which uses a software solution that was designed for web based access from its initial design. The FleetMatics solution provides their customers with real time information about their mobile assets anytime/anywhere 24/7."Fleetmatics is a rapidly growing venture backed telematics company with significant mobile asset software experience dating back to 1998. Fleetmatics was incorporated in 2004.

The company's heritage began in the UK/ Ireland market which lead to rapid customer growth with market entry into the USA in 2005.

With offices in the USA, UK and Ireland, FleetMatics is one of the fastest growing telematics companies in the world. It provides the customers with web based software solutions to improve efficiency and reduce cost of all types of mobile assets.

GPS vehicle tracking improves productivity, reduces fuel cost, enhances customer service and provides our customers with the reporting information needed to make real time business decisions. We provide this solution to customers of all sizes from the smallest fleets to fleets well over 500 vehicles.

Lower fuel costs:
With gas prices on the rise, now is the time to use FleetMatics to cut fuel costs. GPS fleet tracking benefits:
Reduce vehicle mileage, Improve customer service, Eliminate vehicle down-time, etc. More Advantages:
Assess entire fleet performance in one screen, Easily identify top offenders, Reduce phone calls made to drivers’ cell phones, Compare individual performance against peers, Improve safety and Reduce fuel costs. Improve overall operational efficiencies: Source:

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