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Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Became a Blogcritic

If you remember my review of the film "Brick" in January: "Another Matriarchate Theory", I have motives for feeling proud of that it has been considerated and finally published in site, under the title: "An Allegorical Interpretation of Brick", so it seems I've given a step forward the film critics territory.

But I don't want to say definitely goodbye to those days (and nights) of pretentious wannabe reviewer, that was fun! Basically, the article stays in essence as the original, but I had to add a more personal insight, and crop out a little of the "Nocturnal Portrait of the femme fatale" extracts.

The added part: "This article sheds some light on an overlooked figure, perhaps the most memorable icon from the noir genre, the femme fatale, whose route of greed and moral breakage is so well captured by Nora Zehetner's performance, the upper-crust high-school doll, exploiter, master of astuteness, who tries to gain the teen shamus' heart at any cost, forcing him in a casual way to turn his back on Emily's (Brendan's junkie "Dulcinea") memoirs, wishing for one moment she had been Miss Kostich, the angelical doomed girlfriend she won't ever be, whom Brendan will likely continue to yearn for ad infinitum.

Both antagonist female characters, Emily and Laura, confront Brendan in the same scenario, the football field, in a perceptible transposition by Rian Johnson of the angel/sinner figures, in a twist of male-centric climax. The suburbanite Johnson proves the new millenium loner is just the same as the gallery of Chandlerian/Hammettian antiheroes — they are saved from the downfall of the peons around them, they somehow escape the matriarchy, hiding in the return journey a broken heart."


gr77 said...

congrats, Kendra!!!

penny lane said...

Yeah, fame is around the corner, Kendra!

Kendra said...

*And Kendra giggles elate*

Kendra said...

^^oops, I mean "elated".